Executive Quiz Night with Lockheed Martin

Posted: Jan 15 2014

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Team Challenge Company met with Kim and the rest of the team from Lockheed Martin to take part in one of our brand new Executive Quizzes for 2014. This time the fantastic Westerwood Hotel and Golf Course was the chosen venue for the evening of fun and evening entertainment. As soon as the 5 tables finished off their meals we were ready to go! We started the evening off with a quick fire round of Hit Or Miss. The fast paced music round that literally had everyone out of their seats. There was no overall winner of the round but plenty points scored by the last question so we kept the competition going and moved on to the next set of questions.

The Guess Who round put our celebrity lovers to the test. There was a lot of high scores in this set of questions but it was Kim’s team “Impregnatedors” that came out on top scoring almost full marks! (I promise it wasn’t a fix!!). As we moved on we got to some of our more serious questions on General Knowledge, World Landmarks and Sport the teams were becoming more and more competitive. The Landmarks round seen (the loudest group) We Never Forget Who We’re Bouncing For play their mascot toy which doubled their points bringing them back up to speed with the rest of the room. Next up was probably the hardest round of the Executive Quiz, the Sport round. Festers Minions were at the peak of their game by this point though getting twice as many points as the other!

As we moved onto the Movie Pictures round the atmosphere went from slightly competitive to hyper-competitive as 3 teams all played their double points mascot toy! Eat My Shorts only got one question wrong in this round..... but were the only team not to play their mascot. Bad decision! With only two rounds to go there was only 400 points between 1st and 4th place! After a short break for (even more) drinks we moved onto the last 2 rounds. Guess The Logo was our penultimate round for the evening and it was another high scorer! Going into the last round it was still all to play for with 4 teams separated by 4 correct answers and Eat My Shorts playing their joker!  It was our finale Name The Tune that was going to decide who was winning the trophy and who was going home with the dreaded wooden spoon. The introduction to 10 songs were played and our teams had to give the name of the song and the artist to get full points! The snippets of the songs proved quite challenging and caused some teams a lot of difficulty!

Counting the scores was tense and everyone knew it was close at the top. After the last round 6 correct answers now separated the winners from the losers! 5th place and taking home the wooden spoon was Eat My Shorts with a very respectable score of 5100 points! 4th place went to (still the loudest group in the room) We Never Forget Who We’re Bouncing For with 5200 point! 3rd place went to the wine loving team Bob No1 ICT Guy with 5300 points! 2nd place was the Impregnatedors with a hugely impressive 5500 points! 1st place and the winners of the Team Challenge Trophy was Festers Minions with a massive 5700 points! Once again I’d like to say thanks to Kim for organising such a successful evening for everyone. It was a pleasure working with such an enthusiastic group!

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Bob Scott

I had such a brilliant evening with you all from Lockheed Martin. I hope you all enjoyed the quiz as much as I did presenting it. Can't wait for next time.


Simon Grant

What a fantastic evening! I hope you guys enjoyed taking part as much as I enjoyed watching from the corner haha. A really nice group to work with (even Festers Minions!) and I hope it wont be the last time we see Kim and the rest of the team.



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