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Posted: Nov 13 2013

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People from all around the world met at The Lions Quay Waterside Resort on Wednesday the 13th of November. Following the NiBS Ltd conferences they sat down to partake in our Team Challenge Company Executive Quiz held through the evening meal. The evening began with our Hit Or Miss round which had everyone out of their seats and taking part. After a successful start for all teams a tricky question six seen all but 2 contestants being put out and taking their seat again. This caused much hilarity amongst the teams as the two contestants came to the front of the room to have a head to head 'Hit Or Miss Off'. It was anyone's game so early on and Sodium Sulphur earned themselves 250 points for winning the round.

As the night went on the quiz was now in full swing with the rounds including Guess Who? and Movie Quotes which unfortunately seen some of our teams struggle to gain more than half marks. So when it reached our fourth round Guess the Logo and we seen 7 of our teams gain some much needed points after getting 100% of the questions correct. After the meal, coffee was served whilst Sarah and Chris drew part of the raffle. The prizes up for grabs included a digital camera, a DVD player, shopping vouchers and a large Pudsey The Bear all donated by the exhibitors of the conference. All proceeds from this raffle and other charity games played went to the Children In Need Charity and a very substantial amount was brought in across the evening.

Once the prizes had been handed out we continued with the quiz. With only a few rounds left the teams were very closely matched in regards to points with only 6 wrong answers separating last place from the current leaders - Aluminium Air. Still to come were the Question of Sport and General Knowledge rounds each consisting of 10 questions. This separated the strong from the weak with NI CAD scoring only 8 correct answers in the last 2 rounds. With that last of the quiz rounds done and dusted we moved on to our finale. Bridge Build! After the packs were handed out and the objective of the game had been explained, we were under way. The teams were frantically measuring and building away with only 15 minutes to construct a bridge strong enough and wide enough to drive the remote control car across. When time was up everyone gathered around the table where our bridges would be tested. The tension was very high as our teams, one by one, tried and failed to cross their bridge... until, our last two teams, NI CAD and Sodium Sulphur broke the mould crossing their bridge with no drama gaining them 500 points each.

It was a fantastic event with everyone enjoying themselves and also raising a lot of money for charity. Congratulations to the winning team of the event - Sodium Sulphurs - taking the win thanks to their strong performance in Bridge Build. A huge thank you to Sarah and Chris for all the planning and organising of such a successful event. We look forward to the next one.

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What a fantastic evening! An extremely enthusiastic crowd. Really enjoyed working with everyone involved.


Zoe Farry

The evening went very well and was enjoyed by all!!



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