Executive Quiz Night with Serco UK & Europe

Posted: Nov 27 2013

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Lilleshall National Sports & Conference Centre was the chosen venue for an evening of fun and entertainment when 8 teams from Serco UK & Europe came together to take part in one of Team Challenge Company’s Executive Quizzes. The evening got off to a flying start with our first round of Hit or Miss! In this round each member of the team must stand up whilst a song is being played. The players in the team must guess whether or not the song reached number 1 in the UK upon release. If they answer correctly they remain standing, if not they are ‘out’. We got no more than 5 questions into the round when a curveball question shockingly threw all but 1 player out of the game. This meant that table 3 got off to a great start after gaining 500 points.

After ‘Hit or Miss’ the teams were brought their starters and were given a break to regain their thoughts (and dignity) following the hilarity of the previous round. Between the starter and the main course we continued on with the quiz. As we handed out the score books we asked the teams to come up with original team names…. And that is exactly what they did. Table 1 became “Ice Bank Myself, table 3 became “Norfolk and Chance” and table 8 were known as “The Team with No Name”. As the meal went on the teams were getting more and more competitive with everyone doing what they could to gain some extra points (not pointing any fingers… Carron with the smartphone!!) Moving on we had rounds like Guess Who, which proved to be a weak point for team “What a Load of Bollocks” who, lived up to the name as they scored a pretty devastating 3 out of 10. However the show must go on and we continued on with the rounds. The Awesome Automobiles round was a high scorer for most of the teams.

The most successful round by far was our Music Round, by the time we went through the answers and played the songs in their entirety the whole room was up dancing in a bid to gain some final extra points. Bob even caught one lady TWERKING! For legal reasons we will not name this person…. But you know who you are! So after all the excitement it was time for one last blast of energy as the scores were added up and we got every team up for a photograph in their respected position. Taking home the wooden spoon in last place, missing the top of the table by 1100 points was team “Heroes for Heeeeellllllllp”!

In 3rd place was team “Ice Bank Myself” with a score of 4500 points and 2nd place was awarded to “The Red Wrecks” who narrowly made it in front with 4600 points! In 1st place, taking home the priceless Team Challenge Trophy and becoming legends among the Serco UK team was Norfolk and Chance with a fantastic 4800 points! We would just like to say thank you to Tanya O’Brien West as well as Sharron and Pauline who made this Executive Quiz Night event so successful. We hope to work with you and your team in the future.

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What a brilliant evening! I really enjoyed working with everyone. Huge shout out to Norfolk and Chance for their well deserved win!!


Bob Scott

It was fun from start to finish with this group and myself and Simon had a ball entertaining them at Lilleshall. The most memorable part of the night was when Karen our twerking friend haha was caught on her mobile trying to find the answers to the quiz but it turned out she was only speed dating lol. Big thanks to the organising committee and we look forward to the rematch. Bob



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