Family Fun Days - Summer BBQ Showcase with Ardoe House Hotel

Posted: Mar 27 2014

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It was time again to welcome some old and new clients of Team Challenge Company, back to Ardoe House Hotel for the 2014 BBQ Summer Showcase event. We welcomed the guests into the drinks reception with champagne and a lei, as they were offered the chance to view a small selection of our Caribbean theming options. The coats were put back on as the guests made their way outside to view.... and have a go on our Surf Simulator Deluxe, Denver's Den, Ball Pool Avalanche Slide, Lazertag and Axe Throwing. The child in everyone came out as they tested their skills on the activities. Cara particularly loved running around in the Lazertag along with Natalie, Shona, Jennifer and Amy. It quickly became a little colder and dark so it was time to get back into the Ogston Suite where the themed tables were awaiting. The only way that the guests were able to enter the room was to Limbo through the door.. there was only a couple of cheaters. haha!

After a welcome and introduction from Team Challenge Company and Ardoe House Hotel BBQ Summer Showcase it was time to eat. As the guests entered the Elliott Suite their was gasps as they saw the Caribbean themed display the chefs had created. With palm trees created with pineapples and mystical blue lighting the room looked superb. Ardoe House Hotel offered a great selection of food from their BBQ menu including juicy burgers and succulent prawns and even freshly cooked sirloin steak. There was a fantastic array of cold meats and salads to accompany the main course all themed perfectly. For dessert there was some lovely banana cake or pina colada mousse pumpkins to tantalise the senses. Once everyone had their dessert the plates (and coconuts was cleared) from the tables. It was time to get into the serious stuff... the team names. All competing for the Team Challenge Company trophy we had Team The Coco Nuts, Team Matthews B*****s, Team I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts, Team Indiana Joneses, Team Rowan Super Gorillas, Team Michael & His Girls and Team Banana Bunch. It was time for our first round which consisted in Denver the Dog playing various snippets of music on the guitar, it was left to the teams to guess what the sing was called and who by. Some teams scored really well and others not so good... Banana Bunch only scored 2 out of 10. Money was handed out to the teams with The Coco Nuts and I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts earning the most.

The next round consisted of a clip showing Lee McDonald, Dozzer the Clown, Jonny the Rocket and Sally Sumo beginning to race on the Pedal Buggies, it was then up to the teams to decide who they wanted to bet their Fun Money on. The Coco Nuts came out on top betting on Lee McDonald and winning a lot of money. For the final challenge, Generation Mix we showed a clip of various Team Challenge Company activities. Two Guests from each table were invited up to the front as they had to list what was shown... with the correct title. For each correct answer the teams were given extra money, it was all going so well until it wasn't and everyone had been eliminated. The teams handed in their Fun Money to be counted so we could find out who won the much coveted trophy. With £400 and going home with the wooden spoon was.... a tie between The Indiana Jones and Banana Bunch, next up we had Michael and His Girls with £800, In second place we had Ronan Super Gorillas, Matthews B*****s and I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts. In first place and taking home the Team Challenge company Trophy was The Coco Nuts with £3600, great work team. Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Summer Showcase event, we look forward to working with you all throughout the year. A large thank you also to Claire and the team at Ardoe House Hotel and Richard the Head Chef.

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Another fantastic client night at the wonderful Mercure Ardoe House Hotel, and a very great pleasure to show off just a small taster of some of the brand new and exciting Corporate Fun Day activities we have to offer this year for your Summer BBQ Events. Particular highlights of the night for me were the Pedal Buggy Racing Challenge, and the magnificent Pirates of the Caribbean BBQ Food Display put on by Chef and his team at Ardoe House Hotel - really really amazing! Great to see so many of our most valued clients there on the evening, and very much looking forward to another brilliant summer working with you all.


Beth Ross

It was fantastic to see a lot of familiar faces as well as seeing some new ones. Thank you all for coming and making the evening so successful, Congrats to the Coco Nuts for taking home the Team Challenge Company Trophy. I hope you all had a lovely time and look forward to speaking to you throughout the year.



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