Fun Casino Night with BP Midstream

Posted: Jan 30 2014

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The ballroom of the Aberdeen Douglas Hotel was transformed into a thrilling James Bond style Fun Casino for the Evening Entertainment and Corporate Dining Experience of the group from BP Midstream. As the classic bond music filled the air and the stunning room theming and lighting welcomed the guests with cocktails on arrival, there was an atmosphere of tangible excitement. Opening the night with a safety announcement and a few words from the top table it was then time to enjoy a sumptuous three course dinner before the music announced the beginning of the Fun Casino Night.

With £50 initial stake for each person it really was all to play for on the four blackjack and roulette tables to see who could make the most profit to be crowned our big winner. Throughout the night our banker was kept busy with many loan requests, but on the other hand there were also plenty of big winners as the night wore on so it was all to play for right until the last moments. With the announcement of three hands left and the last five spins of the wheel everyone was clamouring to cash in their winnings and hear the results.

The easy prize to award was the one everyone expected – the wooden spoon was awarded to Graham McGregor who managed to rack up a debt of £1,700, and was a very good sport the entire evening. With Louise Robertson and Suzanne Christie winning hundreds through the night it was tense to find out neither of them had made it to the top. And the reason for that was a £215 bet on black number four which came in meaning a whopping total of £7525 and the all important Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy for Jackie Anderson. We had a wonderful evening thanks to the organisation of Jonathan, Steph and Bill so thanks to you all for your involvement and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Comments (2)


Robie Gilmour

What a fantastic night with a great group of people. Some great laughs! Thank heavens it was only fun money as i'm sure certain individuals would have had the Rolex and the deeds to their homes bet on the Blackjack table in no time! Haha



What a brilliant night! It was fantastic to see so many people observe the Bond themed dress code with some great attire that got us all into the swing of things. The tables were busy all evening and I was certainly kept busy offering out lots of loans. I am somewhat disappointed that the Louis Vuitton jacket I was promised as a down payment didn't materialize... We had such fun working with you and I for one very much look forward to seeing you all again in the future.



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