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Posted: Aug 22 2015

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As the sun dipped below the mirror of the Moray Firth, the ever reliable Team Challenge Company Convoy rolled over the Kessick bridge towards their most recent destination.

The incredible Achnagairn House, 10 miles from the heart of the Scottish Highlands was an idyllic host to our latest fun casino evening. A group of 60 raucous punters from Hess ltd stepped out of the shadows and on to the tables to take part in an evening of high rolling, dramatic wins and crippling losses - everything which is involved in our highly charged casino evenings!

Guests had the choice of Texas hold 'em poker, blackjack and roulette. Ample opportunity to be crowned the best of the night. The one with the most money in the bank would ultimately take home the biggest prize of all - the coveted and highly sought after Team Challenge Company winners trophy! For the losers, it was the dreaded but practical wooden spoon! An award even the strongest of pessimists would find hard to accept. After an amazing 5 course meal in the grand ballroom, which better resembled the set of the Hogwarts dining room than an 18th Century Highland retreat, it was time for action.

The spectacular room burst into life with the early dash for cash proving too tempting to resist for some of the group. Jimmy immediately made a scintillating impact on the blackjack, winning his first 5 hands and taking the lead from the envious onlookers. He would remain at his 'spot' until late in the evening. Taking the rough with the smooth and the good from the bad. His fortunes fluttered slightly as the clock struck 11pm. Would his sticky spell cost him the top prize? He descended on the roulette table to make up his losses and repair his battered ego. A tactic which has worked before but which had also cost some betters dearly. Time would only tell. Jonny was hot on his pals heels with a commanding and memorable win on the poker however! He never revealed how much he had won exactly, but certainly enough to push him into contention.

Julie flew the flag for the ladies as her brave choices on the roulette proved fruitful for the most part. Her winning streak was halted in the cruellest of fashions though. With 5 minutes left of betting she heaped her entire £290 fortune on black. The ball, unbelievably landed on...Red! She had lost it all! A complete disaster as she was left to wonder what could have been! From her demise a new female Phoenix rose from the ashes to re claim the crown of top lady! Faye plugging away on the blackjack to amass a considerable amount of capital in her pursuit of greatness. She was no match for Jim though as his consistent, measured approach allowed him to storm to the top of the pile with a £1600 fortune. And there he stayed! No one could touch him. Not even Bond himself as the cards were kind and the money rolled in!

He was a worthy winner in what was a memorable and joyous occasion. A crowd favourite as his rivals applauded and hailed tonight's big cheese! He would have our winners trophy proudly presented on his mantle come the early hours of the still summer morning! Special recognition goes to Akis who was the most humble and grateful competitor we had ever met. Constantly encouraging others and appearing genuinely happy at their success and troubled with their losses.

There had to be a big loser tonight and unfortunately it was Kevin Kennedy! He set a company record at ending up £6000 in the hole come midnight! He would accept it with good grace however. An absolutely fantastic evening with our friends at Hess! Thank you to Julie for organising such a successful evening, pity her betting let her down come competition time! Haha!

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Thanks to everyone who took part in a great night! We had a fantastic time working with you all and hope to see you again soon.



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