Fun Casino Night with NOV Elmar

Posted: Dec 13 2013

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After a sumptuous dinner at the Thistle Aberdeen Airport Hotel the colleagues and guests from NOV Elmar where surprised with a Fun Casino Night with Team Challenge Company. After a welcome and quick brief explaining what format the evening would take, the fun money was handed out and then it was down to business to see who was going to walk way with the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy or the wooden spoon.

It was a fast and furious start to our Evening of Entertainment as everyone was on the tables trying to place a bet and win as fast as they could. The thinkers of the company where on the Texas Hold 'Em and for the first round there was a big game going with players winning and losing their shirts in quick succession. Over at the Roulette tables the wheels were spinning fast and furious and the bets were hot to trot. The red and black outside bets were so busy that everyone had their fingers on their bet just so no one would take the cash ! At this point a lot of people needed a wee loan to get them going again like Craig who still owes the bank £400 and even worse Jill who owes us £700 and who lets be honest - cheated ! . The big shock here was Will our early clear leader who cashed in the chips too early to be a real contender! What happened - was it a hockey stick moment ?! There were big Shout outs from the blackjack table as the Blackjacks were flying thick and fast.

As the evening drew to a close and time was up everyone handed in their winnings which were checked and verified to see who had won the most money. First off in last place with a debt of £1.4 million and her car (!) it went to Becka ! Please do not go to a real casino Becka haha. Just missing out in 3rd place were double trouble Melissa and Trisha on £582 and in 2nd place was Craig with £975 while our first place champion was Mike with a mega win of £2400 all on the last spin of the wheel! A big thanks to Shonagh for putting the Evening of Fun Casino Entertainment together. We can't wait until the next time! A big shout out to Velvet Five a great band who helped us party the night away in fine style.

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