Games Mania with Nucleus Financial - Indoor Team Building Activities

Posted: May 16 2014

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The Scottish National Gallery was the beautiful setting for our team building Edinburgh Games Mania event with Nucleus Financial. The guests were welcomed into the bright Scottish Cafe and Restaurant with a glass of wine with a selection of scrumptious canapes. After all of the group had arrived it was time to welcome them to the evening and divide them into teams. They were given a minute to think of a creative team name which they would be refereed to all night, they were The Roots, Team Awesome, R2Dean2 and My Granny is No Thief But You Should See Her Snatch.... or The Granny's as we would call them. The teams were to compete head to head in various challenges throughout the evening including, Big Screen Games, Indoor Lasershot, Puzzle Corner, Table Tennis, Longest Putt Challenge and Foosball & Air Hockey.

The teams cheers echoed throughout the room as they all got into the swing of the games. There were some discrepancies regarding the Wii remotes, however it was a user issue rather than a mechanical one... sorry. The teams ran in the Wii Olympics as fast as there characters could to end up with the most points. On the Lasershot some of the teams found a hidden skill as the points collected with some winning surprisingly big, The Granny's seemed to do quite well on this.. but was it enough... no unfortunately not. The next rotation divided the 4 teams onto puzzle corner and table tennis. 100 points was on offer for each correct puzzle and for each win on the Table Tennis. The Roots were not greatly successful on the table tennis, but worked hard on puzzle corner. The Granny's and Team R2Dean2 had a nail biting game of Giant Jenga with Team Awesome pulling the final piece to make the tower fall. On the Longest Putt Challenge and Air Hockey & Football, R2Dean performed very well. The competitive streak came out from The Granny's on the Air Hockey & Foosball as they were trying to add as many points to their score as they could.

For the finale Games Mania event we had Bat the Rat, a very simple and easy game... well the thought is, unfortunately it is more difficult than it looks. Each of the team members were given one chance to "Bat the Rat", for each successful it they would secure an extra 100 points for their team. R2Dean2 and Team Awesome were terrible with no successes in this. Team Awesome secured one hit although it was the Granny's who managed to "Bat the Rat" twice. The points were added to the totals and the scores were announced. In last place taking home the wooden spoon was The Roots with 21800 points, in third place was Team Awesome with 22700 points, with a respectful 28800 points was the Granny's in second place. R2Dean2 won the Team Challenge Company trophy with 34500 points, well done team. Thank you to both Nicola and Sarah for organising the fantastic evening, we hope you all enjoyed the night.

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Beth Ross

Thank you all for such a fun evening, I loved the competitive spirit of the teams and couldn't believe R2Dean2 managed to win with such a high score... where did that come from?



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