GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt with Steris

Posted: Nov 07 2018

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Today we were onsite at “The Yard”, part of the amazing Pride Park in Derby for our infamous GPS Interactive Treasure Hunt. 

Our Digital Treasure Hunts are always popular, offering clients an afternoon high-energy, fun and friendly competition, as they make their way round their very own bespoke treasure trail map! We can design our treasure trails around any town, city, venue or location of your choice and include various photo, video and interactive challenges.

The individual groups were handed their iPads and they sprinted out the doors, ready to take on their city adventure to find as many GPS checkpoints as possible, located around their chosen city. 

Back at “HQ” – They Yard, we were seeing a stream of hilarious, engaging and entertaining answers coming through from teams. Some of the most memorable were “3’s a Crowd” attempting the splits and the “GPS Bandits” having their vogue moment! Of course, there were plenty of on-demand questions to see teams gaining some bonus points, “Norfolk N Chance” excelled here!

Time soon whizzed past and the guests were arriving back to our HQ for their final check point. Although, the fun wasn’t quite over yet as our team presented them with the highlights from each group’s morning activity.

There was only a mere 20 points between the top two teams! Thanks to all teams for taking part; “3’s a Crowd”, “GPS Bandits”, “Clock In Clock Out”, “Norfolk N Chance”, “Sputnik Returns”, “When No Ability Means No Effort” and “The Ram Haggis Wiener Wagners”! We had a fantastic time with Steris – thanks to Sean for organising such a great day, we look forward to the next one.

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