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Posted: Aug 23 2013

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As Team Challenge Company arrived at the Hilton Dunkeld, the sun was shining which was a great start to Henderson Loggie’s Outdoor Team Building. As the guests arrived bright and early they were treated to bacon rolls to prepare them for the busy day ahead.  After being separated into their teams, the first challenge was revealed and everyone made their way outside to Helium Stick and at first glance it appeared easy. However as the challenge got underway, they were soon regretting speaking so soon. After a lot of trying it was teams 1 and 11 who were top and they got to walk away with some money to start off their rocket fund.

Back inside the marquee, the teams were set the task of coming up with a brief for their rocket company, some were practical and many were entertaining  but it was definitely team 14 who walked away with the best reputation after a hilarious speech from one man.  The next task for the day was to go off to several different challenges such as Stepping Stones, Interlocker, NASA Challenge and Crates so that everyone had a chance to win some points and also some money to spend at the shop so that they could build a functioning rocket.

After many challenges, some thievery, and a lot of haggling it was time for perhaps the most exciting part of the day, the rocket launch! Certain teams didn’t even make the launch as they didn’t have a complete rocket but the rest came up one at a time to see if they could successfully launch anything. Many failed before we had our first success from Team 5! The only way was up after this with teams 8,13,14 and 16 all managing to launch a rocket!A big thank you to Fiona for organising such a fantastic day, what a success!

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Many thanks for this. Everyone had a good time taking part in Trade to Win. Thanks again to everyone at Team Challenge for helping to make it a successful day , we’ve had really great feedback and I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day!



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