Highland Games & Evening Entertainment with Marine Harvest

Posted: Jun 10 2017

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On Saturday 10th June, Team Challenge Company arrived at Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen for an afternoon of traditional Highland Games. The rain was beginning to clear as our 140 guests from all over the world were welcomed to our activities in true Scottish style by our bagpiper. Each of the guests were given a Jimmy Wig in preparation for battling it out on the various Scottish Themed activities, these ranged from Haggis Hurling to Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting. Our very own Mr Motivator got everyone warmed up and ready to compete for the infamous Team Challenge Company Winners' Trophy.

With a massive variety of activities on offer for the afternoon, teams were eager to get started and competitively headed off to participate in their first challenge of the day. Our score keeper couldn't believe the results that were coming in from Team 8 at the Fly Casting, they were off to a great start, but could they keep it up for the duration of the afternoon? The team on Welly Throw obviously thought they were doing the shot putt as there were wellies flying all over the field, although some were using the small red welly!

Down at the archery station there were some wannabe Robin Hood's, but unfortunately, their determination wasn't enough to get them close to his skill! The excitement across the afternoon only grew and competitive spirit was high as the guests made their way around Weight Over Bar, Toss the Caber, Chip Shot Golf and Fly Casting. There was lots of cheating at Hey You Jimmy with teams throwing balls at their opposing teams! As the afternoon drew to a close, it was time to announce the team in last place (or as we like to call them, the losers!) all the way up to our winners of the day. The positions came in at:

1st – Team One with 8000 Points
2nd – Team Eight with 7900 Points

3rd – Team Twelve with 7600 Points
4th – Team Fourteen with 7400 Points
5th – Team Sixteen with 7350 Points
6th – Team Four with 7300 Points
7th – Team Thirteen with 7200 Points
8th – Team Three with 7150 Points

9th – Team Six with 7150 Points
10th – Team Fifteen with 7100 Points
11th – Team Two with 7000 Points
12th – Team 7 with 6800 Points
13th – Team 9 with 6700 Points
14th –Team 11 with 6500 Points
15th – Team 10 with 6400 Points
16th – Team 5 with 6200 Points 

The day didn't stop here for the guests at Marine Harvest. As they set off for some drinks and snacks, the team here at Team Challenge Company headed up to the Ballroom to get it ready for a Scottish themed dinner. As images flashed across the screens from the Highland Games, the evening kicked off with Ardoe Hotel's head chef announcing to the guests what food would be served up to them and it is fair to say there were lots of hungry stomachs in the room after the afternoon's activities! Throughout the delicious dinner there were various awards and prizes given out in the room to reward everyone for their hard work across the business. It was clear to see everyone had worked extremely hard and was very deserving of their awards! Finally, once bellies were full again, the evening’s compère announced the opening on the dance floor and it was now all down to the Ceilidh Band to entertain the guests for the rest of the night. Guests "Gay Gordon'd" the night away until 1am (and later so we hear!).

Many thanks to Georgina and the team for all their efforts in organising such an amazing afternoon and evening as part of the Marine Harvest trip. We look forward to welcoming you all back for some more Scottish fun!

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Erin Mitchell

Fantastic event with the team from Marine Harvest. Can't wait to welcome you all back to Scotland again for some more Scottish fun.



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