Indoor Team Building With Lloyds Banking Group

Posted: Feb 21 2017

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The fantastic Queens Hotel in Leeds played host to a day of fast paced, challenging and highly entertaining activities as Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of providing a Pressure Zone event for 50 delegates from Lloyds Banking Group. The group was split into 6 teams and were taking on the challenges in the hopes of losing the least lives, winning the most money and finally taking home the Team Challenge Company’s Winner’s Trophy. 

Starting off the day as we meant to go on, the first game was high in energy and required - as all of our challenges do - skill. The teams gathered around the Pressure Zone Cube and got some practice in for our Flop It activity, in which the challenge is to throw the ball just hard enough for it to land and remain on the raised glass panel – it may sound simple but many certainly proved that wrong yesterday! Once the first of the money had been won and the first life cards punched, it was time to move on to our first rotation of challenges. 

The teams each split off to one of our many activities and began the competition for the Winner’s Trophy! Over at the Descent challenge, we saw a few people from May The 4s Be With You struggle to get the hang of the game – but with a little practice time, they managed to bag themselves some cash! Blindly making their way towards the top spot at our Hurdle challenge was team Two Good who manoeuvred themselves through the competition and managed to get themselves a good few hundred pounds!

Team Numero Uno must have bribed our team for extra lives to still be in the game after not managing to win any cash on our Flop It, Hole In One or Tier Drop challenges... they managed to redeem themselves – slightly – throughout our other challenges however. Some may say the most difficult activity of the day was Index, in which the player had to use one finger to roll the ball over the length of our Index glass structure without letting it drop, and we would have to agree judging by how many lives were lost on the challenge! Teams Five Stars and Three Plus Three managed to still have a huge 23 lives left moving into the final challenge, proving their skill on our other challenges including Step Up, Bounce and In and Landing Strip. 

Once the final Tier Drop challenge was complete and the money all cashed in, it was time to reveal the scores! Coming in Last Place, with £2200, and taking home the Loser’s Wooden Spoon was... team Numero Uno! In 5th Place with £2700, were the confident... team Six Appeal! Going home in 4th Place, with £2850 was the appropriately named May The 4s Be With You!

In 3rd Place with all the 3s... team 3 Plus 3 had a huge £3080! Taking home nothing but the 2nd Place title, with a score of £3250, and having stumbled on their way to top spot were team Two Good! This meant that team Five Stars, with a massive £4000, were our Pressure Zone Winner’s and were taking home the much sought after Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy!

A huge well done to everyone who took part, it wasn’t easy and everyone did incredibly well. A massive thank you and well done to Dave, Amber, Jim and Becky for their efforts in organising the event, our team had a fantastic time working with you all and hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did. We look forward to working with and seeing you all again in the future!

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