Indoor Team Building with The George Hotel

Posted: Jan 19 2014

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The stunning Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews was the setting for an afternoon of Indoor Team Building activities with a group of 17, from The George Hotel in Edinburgh. Team Boiling Point, George on Tour and One Man Down were the three teams competing head to head to win the Team Challenge Company trophy. One Man Down got off to a flyer when their team name was deemed the best of the day, 100 points for their efforts. The first challenge of the day was Helium Stick! A tough one for Boiling Point as they ended up dropping the stick when the instructors back were turned - not this time! One Man Down were soon one game up when a stirling performance allowed them to take maximum points on the stick, George on Tour in 2nd.

Crane Construction was our next Indoor Team Building activity with each team giving it their all and building some impressive if not slightly structurally unsound models. Graham let 1000 points slip from the grasp of Team Boiling Point as the winch system of the model was the only thing to let their crane down. One Man Down were one crane down as their model proved to be unsuccessful as well. But the first win of the day came from George on Tour with an impressive 48 inches from the floor. NASA Challenge as always proved to be a great deal of fun for everyone involved - especially when the portable heating unit was deemed to have more importance than a first aid kit on the moon! The winners were George on Tour with an excellent score of 12, not far behind were Team Boiling Point on 14 and One Man Down on 16 respectively.

Interlocker proved to be the most challenging and difficult game of the day. Even resulting to each team member inching forward every few seconds to try and gain an advantage. After 15 minutes of trying their best and working with integrity - George on Tour, neither team could complete the puzzle. Our finale of the day was offering 1000 points for the winner - Bridge Build! The first bridge from One Man Down lacked quite a few fundamental elements of what a bridge should have but somehow stood the test of the Team Challenge Company RC car making it across, much to the delight of Duncan who was the designated driver. Team Boiling Points' also bagged 1000 as their sturdy structure was more than up to the test. The big disappointment was an Indiana Jones style bridge from George on tour which crumpled into the chasm. A pulsating an intense final culminated in One Man Down taking the Team Challenge Company trophy on 3875 points, Team Boiling Point in 2nd and a massive turn around with George on Tour taking the wooden spoon. An exciting fun filled day for everyone involved, including the hula victory dance from One Man Down. Thank you very much to Graeme for organising this Indoor Team Building event, we look forward to working with you all in the future.

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What a brilliant day. I hope you guys enjoyed the Bridge Build finale as I did! It was very tense! Haha. Next time round One Man Down might actually have a full team!


Robie Gilmour

A fantastic day of fun team building! Really enjoyed the competative aspect of the day with some great laughs included! I know Graham was bitterly disappointed to lose out on the trophy! haha, Hope to see you all again soon



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