Interactive Quiz Night with Axon Cable

Posted: Jan 23 2014

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After a long day of meetings at their conference, the group from Axon Cable were anxious to find out what Team Challenge Company had in store for them at the Best Western Keavil House Hotel. They were ecstatic to learn that they were being treated to some Evening Entertainment into the form of an Interactive Quiz Night! The first task of the night for our four teams was to think up some fun and exciting team names. We ended up with some fantastic ones, with Team Inflection, The Winners, The 3 Degrees and finally Team Nessie, who named themselves after their table mascot!

The first round of the evening was Higher or Lower which gave everyone an opportunity to get the adrenaline pumping and win some valuable points in the process. It was a tough battle but in the end The Winners lived up to their name and walked away with the first 500 points! From then, the competition was most definitely heating up! We began with two Executive Quiz Rounds to ease our teams into it, Guess Who and Guess The Landmark where once again The Winners walked away with top points. It's fair to say they definitely did live up to their name, but not for long! Our first Interactive Quiz round was Balloon Tower where our teams battled it out to make it the highest they could. Team Nessie finished in record time and their structure somewhat resembled the Eiffel Tower, if it was at an angle that is! When it came down to measuring everything, our top team with a fantastic height of 2.2 meters was Team Inflection. Poor Lee needed a chair to measure the structure it was that impressive!

After all of this excitement we jumped back into the quiz rounds with Capital Cities, Logo Mix and Guess the Movie picture. Inflection scored big again and gained a few more points, and The 3 Degrees shamefully tried to bribe their way to victory with a little message "please let us win :) (£10)". Sorry guys we can't be bought! Finally we got to the part of the night that everyone had been waiting for, the Bridge Build finale! Inflection, The 3 Degrees and Team Nessie all succeeded easily, and only one team failed to cross their bridges, unlucky for The Winners!

It was time for the scores and they were incredibly close! Taking home the wooden spoon, the prize that could be said is the most useful were The Winners with a score of 5900! Unlucky guys, I guess the name didn't pay off after all... The 3 Degrees learned that their bribe idea didn't work as they came in third place with a respectable 6900 points. With only a 100 point gap was Team Nessie coming in second place. Congratulations to our first place winners, Team Inflection who were definitely happy to be the winners that's for sure! Well ahead of everyone else with 8500 points! We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their night with us as the Keavil House Hotel for their Interactive Quiz night and well done for all the hard work done organising it Tricia!, we look forward to working with you all once again!

Comments (4)


Graham Allan

Great night, well organised and deployed. The Team Challenge guys were enthusiastic and well involved throughout, made it a fun night for all. Despite arriving in last place I'd still rather have a wooden spoon than leave empty handed...... eh Danny!


Patricia Weir

we had a great night. Lots of laughter (even though my team lost) it was hilarious. The Team Challenge team were excellent. Bob got everyone wound up and highly competitive. Super fun and we will definitely use again in the summer.


Bob Scott

It was a pleasure to entertain the guys on Thursday night and it was fun all the way through. It was a very competitive night and worthy winners in the end from Team Inflection, some say it was just because the boss man was in the team lol . Thanks again to Tricia for a great night and I'm looking forward to the re-match already haha



Wow these guys were a great bunch of people to work with! The whole even was fun from start to finish and there was definitely a few surprises in there, not to mention the cheeky bribe offer from none other than Tricia's team! Well done to Team Inflection for their well deserved victory!



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