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Posted: May 20 2014

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Tuesday 20th May saw the impressive Chateau Impney play host to a group of 30 employees from Mercedes Benz Retail Group for company team building activities in the form of a Interactive Quiz night. The night kicked off with the ever popular Higher or Lower round giving the teams their first chance to earn valuable points. As always some teams preformed far better than others with team 1 demonstrating how not do it. The eventual winners were team 3 Who took away a valuable 100 points. The second of the Interactive rounds saw the teams take part in Balloon Tower with the team constructing the highest taking maximum points. The worst attempt of the night was by team 3 who managed a poor 16 inches. Thankfully the other teams faired a little better with only a few inches separating the top two teams with team 1 adding 1000 points to their total. After the teams managed to recover their breath it was time for Peel Off in which the teams were required to peel 3 potatoes switching members every time the music stopped. During this round several different techniques were on show with varying degrees of success and and speed.

The penultimate round saw the 5 teams put their knowledge of music to the test. The round proved to be high scoring for all if the teams suggesting they all had a vast knowledge of music from around the decades. On this occasion it was team 5 That proved to be most knowledgeable adding much needed points to their ever growing total. It was now time for the finale with all teams still in contention everything was still to play for. This round required a bridge to be constructed that would allow a car to be driven across sounds simple enough but this was proven not to be the case for teams 2 and 3 who despite having good looking bridges were unfortunately unable to cross the bridge this preventing them from adding to the total. But a congratulations must got to the 3 remaining teams who were successful in the challenge showing that beauty is not always the key and strength is the way to go.

As ever tonight was a competitive event and all of the teams were looking to take home the much sought after Team Challenge Company trophy and tonight victors were team 1 narrowly ahead of the competition and finishing last place taking home the wooden spoon was team 3. A big thanks goes to Matthew who helped organise the event and without his input tonight would not have been possible. We look forward to working with you all again soon. An error In judgement - With the commotion and pressure Big Jonny (who used to work on the docks) gave out the wrong scores and in the true interest of fairness here is the final result as they should have read, however it's not like the Olympics and the scores on the night stand and no need to give back the trophy lol. Final scores 1st - Team 1: 6900 2nd - Team 4: 6800 3rd - Team 5: 6700 4th - Team 2: 6100 Last - Team 3: 6000

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