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Posted: Apr 21 2016

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Today Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting an afternoon of entertainment in the form of our Pressure Zone at the stunning Radisson Blu, Durham.

As the guests finished up with their morning conference and headed for lunch, Team Challenge Company transformed the room into the Pressure Zone. The group of 18 guests were split into teams, named: The Golden One’s, The Number Two’s, Three Quarters Full and The Skins.

The first game was “Flop It” which required skill and accuracy and had all four teams participating together. As the teams stepped up to take on the challenge it wasn’t looking so good, would anyone land the ball on top of the podium? The pressure was on for the guests to succeed. A hand full of the group managed to complete the task so we upped the stakes! Peter stepped up from “The Skins” and took on the gamble of either losing two lives or winning £200 if he succeeded and he did it! Peter landed the ball on the podium taking away £200 from this activity.

The teams split up into their first rotations which were “Index” and “Descent”. In the practice “Three Quarters Full” were unbelievable at the “Descent” challenge and caught the ball every time but would they crumble when their lives came into play? It was time to take on the Pressure Zone, “Three Quarters Full” stepped up and everyone expected them to take away the £400 and keep all their lives! The team stepped up and the first three balls were caught, it was now all down to Paul to catch the final ball. The ball was released but as he dashed to the bottom the ball rolled off his hand and hit the floor!

“Tier Drop” was the final game of the afternoon. The teams used their remaining lives to get £200 per successful shot which at this point in the game was so important as it could take them closer to taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy! “The Golden One’s”, were the first team to take on the challenge. With 10 lives remaining Marcus was so close to completing the challenge successfully but unfortunately he didn’t manage and took home no extra money in this final round.

The “Number Two’s” stepped up next with a massive 24 lives remaining how many more could they win in this round? With their 24 lives they only managed to get two balls into the final tube taking home £400. “The Skins” were up next with 20 lives remaining and managed to get 3 balls into the final tube successfully taking away £600. The final team to take on the Pressure Zone were “Three Quarters Full” with only 14 lives left. The first four were missed but then they smashed it and successfully got 5 balls in, giving them £1000 to take away with them, would this help them get one step closer to the trophy?

The teams cashed in the money they won throughout the event and it was counted and verified. It was time to find out who would be taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy and who would be taking home the dreaded wooden spoon.

In last place taking home the Wooden Spoon with £2000 was the “Golden One’s” who were solid contenders the whole way through the event and only lost it in the last game.

3rd place was “Three Quarters Full” with £2300 only just scraping to get 3rd after their performance in the final game “Tier Drop”.

It was close the whole way through but taking home nothing but memory’s with £2600 was the “Number two’s”.

In 1st place and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy was “The Skins” with £2900.

We would like to say well done to Joan for organising such a great event. We had a great afternoon with the team and look forward to working with you all again soon at your next event.

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