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Posted: Aug 13 2014

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Meetings are, for good or ill, part and parcel of working in a team, and though they can be productive sessions to hash out ideas and plan ahead, they can sometimes become something of a chore; especially now that the summer is getting into full swing and it is lovely outside.

However, with a change in season comes an opportunity to change up your daily routines, namely, moving your meetings outside. Now, even if there is no grass available near your workplace, you could congregate in a nearby courtyard, or even push the boat out and go to a nearby café or restaurant that has an outside seating area; as an employer, you may be surprised how much of a positive impact this can have on your colleagues. So why take it outside?

Well there is some research to suggest that even the smallest change in a daily routine can prompt fresh ideas and alter perspectives. Though obviously not as complex or intuitive as a team building event, simply moving the location of your meeting can give a listless Monday morning team the jolt they need to start off the week! Also, since the sun is there, why waste it? Being outside can be great for getting people to relax and loosen up, making it the ideal location for brain storming meetings. On the topic of loosening up, a more casual setting can help employees to communicate with one in another in a more informal way. While this is good for getting new ideas out into the open, it's also good for breaking down any hierarchies and allowing the team to communicate in a comfortable fashion, enabling colleagues to get to know one another better. Finally, being outside can, quite literally, help people to recharge. It is common knowledge that sunlight is one of our main sources of vitamin D, which helps to regulate basic bodily functions, enables cells to communicate effectively with one another and helps to maintain cognitive functions. Also, on a hot day it can become quite stuffy and uncomfortable in an office environment, so it's good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air just to help keep individuals relaxed and comfortable; needless to say, this helps keep productivity high and workplace conflict to a minimum. So there you have it! Instead of sweating it out in a meeting room at the back of the office, take your ideas outdoors in a bid to get a fresh perspective on things! Of course, the summer is ideal for more adventurous outdoor team building activities too. Here at Team Challenge Company we pride ourselves on being one of the leading team building companies in the country, and with a wide variety of corporate fun days and other team based activities, we can ensure that your event will be...the event!    

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