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Posted: Sep 13 2013

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It was a lovely morning at Maryculter House Hotel in Aberdeen for Stork Technical Services Outdoor Team Building. After being split into four teams, they were given an Ice Breaker to start off the day. Everyone was given a blindfold and a number and were then told that they must put each member of their team into numerical order without speaking. It was certainly a great way to get comfortable with all members of the team and 3 out of 4 were successful. After going over their methods, they were then given the task of putting everyone in order, a lot of responsibility for one man!

After their Ice Breaker the teams were sent off to their morning challenges of Spiders Web and Plank Walk. On Spiders Web the teams had to find their way through a wall of small holes but there was a catch! The holes could only be used once meaning that creative methods had to be used to manage the task! Thankfully all four of our teams managed to complete it! On Plank Walk the teams had to navigate a course but the catch was that the entire team had to stay standing on a plank! With their careful planning the teams once again managed to complete it with ease.

After a quick lunch break, there was yet more fun to be had outside starting with Rollerball where a free standing structure had to be created in order for a ball to roll continuously for as long as a time as possible! Sheep Pen was the second afternoon activity where the teams were again blindfolded and had to navigate a course using only the sound of a whistle for direction!

To finish off a great day there were some Sport’s Day races including a Sack Race, an Egg and Spoon Race and the incredibly entertaining Space Hopper Race! Also on hand to provide some more fun was the Inflatable Bungee Run! A great day was had by everyone and it couldn’t have been possible without the organisation from Catherine, thank you for all of your hard work. 

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