Outdoor Team Building with Taylor Wimpy

Posted: Aug 30 2013

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It was a fabulous start to the day at Forrester's Park when all the guests were separated into their teams and sent on their way to the first activity, helium stick. It was a close call but it was eventually Team 1 who managed to secure a victory. Shortly afterwards the teams moved on to their rotations, with a variety of different Team Building activities on offer including Rollerball, Drum Bridge, Casket and others. Of course all 14 teams became very excited when they discovered what another activity was... Blind Golf Buggy Driving!

Throughout the day there were certain teams who excelled in the challenges. In Rollerball it was Team 9 who secured the longest time of the day, an amazing time of 56 seconds! Team 13 however ended up with the shortest time of the day, despite spending half of their time cheating! At Casket Rescue it was Team 5 who were the most devious with their plan! After discovering that one of their team members had previously completed the challenge they had their plan sorted within five minutes. Rather than sit back and relax, they hatched a plan to confuse the other team by building random structures for the remaining time!

There was success across all the challenges but nobody knew for sure who the winner of the coveted Team Challenge Trophy would be. As the teams gathered and the scores were calculated and verified the tension was growing. In last place and taking home the wooden spoon were Team 6 with a score of 5600 and the scores were all so close that we ended up with 3 teams tying in 2nd place! Eventually it was revealed that the winners of the Team Challenge Company Trophy were team 9 with a fantastic score of 6800! The day was a great success thanks to the wonderful organisation from Steven and Cheryl! We look forward to next time!

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