Quickfire with CompTIA

Posted: Oct 08 2019

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Today we headed to Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in the bustling city of London for our client’s Quickfire event. Quickfire is a fast-paced, high-energy and interactive tablet-based challenges where teams must complete various physical, mental and skill-based challenges. It is a race against each other to get as many points as you can in a bid to win the “Team Challenge Company Winners’ Trophy”, or you’ll be taking home the Wooden Spoon!

We kicked off the evening activities with a quick team brief as the 100+ guests were divided into 12 teams. As teams worked through the challenges more opened up varying in intricacy and skill level and teams would have to work together to decide how they are going to approach the challenges.

As the started horn sounded, teams delved into their iPads and took on the challenges head on – there was plenty of shouting, running and cheers around the room! Teams were taking on yoga posses, ballet moves, creating paperchains, origami and having rap battles – points were accumulating all over the room!

After 15 minutes our physical “Challenge Zone” opened up – giving teams the opportunity to rack up more points, taking on some of our most challenging tasks! Guests were throwing balls in to “Feed the Clown”, attempting to complete our Giant Buzzwire without hitting the wire. Team 4 proved they had the set of skills to be in the circus with their phenomenal plate-spinning while Team 1 were showing off with their domino rally efforts (although they did give themselves plenty of practice!).

As a finale we set teams the challenge of “Bridge Build” – teams were risking a lot of points with this challenge, but all were keen to take it on! Teams were given paper, straws and celotape to construct a sturdy bridge, spanning the gap, that could withstand our 4x4 remote control car. Most teams were successful, but a couple did have to listen to the laughter of opposition as their bridge collapsed!

When all answers were in, our facilitators collated up the team’s photos and video entries from the teams that they had taken throughout the afternoon. It was obvious that this was a competitive bunch – everyone loved seeing what other teams got up to! We collated the scores and it was a clear winner – in the lead with over 60 points ahead of the rest. Unfortunately, it was down to team 6 who took home the Wooden Spoon!

Massive thanks to the organisers Lien-Anh for pulling together such a fantastic event to finish off their conference session! We can’t wait to work with you again and celebrate more team success.

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