Soapbox Derby with Elekta Ltd

Posted: Jun 20 2018

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The beautiful Macdonald Kilhey Court Hotel, near Wigan played host to our wonderful day of team building. We met with a group of 25 plus Elekta Ltd employees who were set for a fun day with the team on our unique Soap Box Derby.

The rain did not put anyone off, the first part of the day was indoor based and our competitors were split into 4 teams. They were all set the task of creating a business plan that would support the team they were all now part of. The teams all worked hard to create a logo, team moto and a number of values that would win them the sponsorship they needed to get their race car off the ground.

Team Blue Cock Racing had an incredibly funny and well presented performance which went in their favour. The Elekt-ric were full of spirit and an energetic burst in the room for sure. Elekta were on top form with their presentation and full of information, the judges struggled to come up with questions for this team. The Flying Scotsman was doing just that, flying out the door with their train track as a logo for a car business!!!! Our judging panel gave honest and unbiased scores to all presentations.

After the team presentations, the teams were set the task of creating their race cart. They were given set materials to use and once again there was a strict criteria to follow within their design and construction brief to gain their pedal cart driving licence. The carts looked incredible and there was a lot of effort put in to making them all look spectacular. Team spirit was high and it was time to race.

The final part of the day saw our guests from Elekta Ltd take to the track with their purpose built Soapbox Derby carts.Heads turned in admiration as we made our way out onto the race track at the rear of the hotel. The heats were very intense as every team was pushing to achieve pole position in the final race. There were a few bumps and un-sportsman like manoeuvres (just look at the photos for evidence) as they pushed themselves and their pedal carts to the absolute limits. 

The final race was fast, furious and definitely intense! Our final remaining carts battled it out for the Team Challenge Company Winner’s Trophy!At the end of the team building day as our teams cooled down and calmed down we calculated the final scores and added up the points from across the day. In last place with a still respectable score in the racing and presentation were Elekt-ric who cheerfully (we think) walked off with the Wooden Spoon!

In third place was the ever high spirited Blue Cock Racing. Elekta made a fantastic effort throughout the day taking their team to second place – what a performance! In first place, taking home the Team Challenge Trophy - beating off all challengers! - was the incredible high octane performing The Flying Scotsman! All in all the day was a huge success and we once again would like to thank Olivia for her integral part in organising such a great day for her colleagues - and keeping everyone in order – well mostly!

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