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Posted: Sep 08 2014

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Ardoe House Hotel was the beautiful venue once again for Total's team building event. Unlike other events this one was purely about team building, no points were awarded for each activity and there wasn't a winner at the end it was all about how the teams worked with each other on our activities. At the end we would tell them their good aspects and what they could improve on! We had four activities for the teams to work on: firstly there was the Helium Stick where the teams are all given a Helium Stick and have to put it on the ground which is a lot harder than it seems when every member of the team has two fingers on the stick and aren't allowed to pull it down! With a bit of practice nearly all the teams managed to complete the challenge.

Next up we had Spiders Web where the teams had to get all of their members through different sized holes in our course, some went high and some went low but all the teams managed to get at least half way around the course which is good considering this is an activity that relies a lot on trust! Blind in Tent makes teams work without some of their senses so can be a difficult challenge, with some members of your team blind and some deaf you have to work really hard to be able to communicate with one and other but a few teams over the course of the day managed to complete the challenge and communicate fairly well.

Comments (1)


Ali Mac

Stepping stones is difficult for some, don't feel bad that most of you guys struggled, just keep trying!



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