Christmas Corporate Family Fun Day with Schlumberger

Posted: Dec 12 2010

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The day for the Schlumberger annual Christmas Corporate Family Fun Day had arrived.  The Team Challenge Company team turned the suites at the AECC into a children's fantasy land and Santa's Grotto.  There was excitement in the air at the prospect of over 270 children arriving to see Santa and take part in a fantastic selection of Inflatable's, Games and party entertainment.

The children arrived in their droves to the Children's Christmas Party, and with their families in toe there was over 500 guests, the atmosphere was bursting with excitement.  The sheer anticipation for Santa's visit was tangible in the air as all of the kids waited patiently for his arrival.  This was the highlight for many who said they felt very special to be worthy of a visit and present from the one and only 'Santa Clause'.  The Children's Christmas Party was filled with fun and laughter and lots of prizes for the many winners of the competitions and games.  A big shout out to Jane (the only adult on the day) who stepped up to the karaoke mic to give us an epic rendition of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.  Pass the parcel and musical statues went down a treat as did the group performances of the Macarena and Cha Cha Slide - some seriously good moves in the crowd from children and adults alike.  

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Magical party and with the arrival of Santa the crowd was silenced as he glided into his grotto, the excitment built back up during all the festive games and Karoake. My own favourite was Rocking around the Christmas Tree, brilliant. To copy Santas line Happy Christmas to all and to all a Good Night. Gerry


stephen hazley

Another great Christmas party event at AECC with Schlumberger with all the festive fun of the season. All the children were so well behaved and got straight into the games and competitions - wasnt the dance off amazing ! and even the parents got into the party mood on the dance floor. A big shout out to Angela for all her hard work leading up to the event and on the day itself your efforts were greatly appreciated by all. Hope you all have a great Christmas and look forward to entertaining you all again in 2011. Stephen



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