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Posted: Feb 16 2009

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The Executive Quiz drew to a close and the final points were checked and verified. This time it was the turn of the Scally Wag Rats to collect the wooden spoon, as Team CSU came in a close 2nd place. But it was Barrymore's Pool Party who ran out eventual winners, collecting the gleaming trophy and proclaiming their greatness to the rest of the group.A fantastic afternoon of corporate fun and games had been enjoyed by all, and the entertainment in the evening provided the perfect end to a fabulous day. A big thank you must go out to Pat, who organised the event and worked extremely hard to make it such a success. The group from Total were a pleasure to work with, and our team looks forward to working with them again in the near future.

Comments (3)


Euan B

It was my job at this event to instruct the group on Quads, after laying down a safe course in the snow I defrosted my hands and headed in for the team briefing. The award for most energetic rider goes to Peter and i can think of other awards to grant him however you can only win one a day! Thanks everyone for being safe and responsible and working with the conditions to make sure we all enjoyed the afternoon at Mercure Ardoe House. Stay Safe Euan B.



if Peter had worked for God it would only have taken 5 days to create the universe...and there would have been tape left over...what a legend in the construction of their rollerball was the eighth wonder of the world !


Pat Ross

Would like to thank Stephen and his team for such a good day out and evening. The Quiz was great and looking forward to the next outing on the 5th March. Word has gotton out and everyone wants to come on the 5th and I am running out of places, I have a waiting list in case someone drops out. Hopefully the sun will shine this time, but despite the snow the last time it didn't stop us from doing all the activities provided by Stephen and his team. Pat



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