Corporate Entertainment Office Olympics with Nexen

Posted: Nov 26 2010

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The final scores came in with Halo and Horns achieving a very disappointing 750 points with outright winners Susan's Specials bringing home 1500 points to become the Corporate Entertainment Winners.  We would like to thank Susan for organising the day for her team, it was a fantastic afternoon of fun and laughter, the team here thoroughly enjoyed delivering this Event for you and we look forward to the rematch in 2011, come on Halo and Horns - you can redeem ourselves!!

Comments (3)



It is the natural impulse of a man to follow whoever has the strongest sense of purpose and will dominate - that's usually a woman in my experience and I've lived longer than most in Odyssey. Office Olympics was great fun - but with some lessons to take away, like - I'm hopeless at Darts, Basketball, Wii swimming and Wii running, but I can shoot straight and build bridges. Telling it straight and building bridges at the same time is what we coaches need to be able to do all the time - it isn't easy and the guys offshore have my respect and admiration for what they do. No hot potatoes please Salty - that's not your style anyway! Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon - the best team won! Susan's team were VERY special indeed! Bob



I have to say that I almost fell over with laughter when Bob came back from Ardoe House Hotel with hilarious stories of what must have been a fantatsic night of Indoor Corporate Entertainment with Nexen. I am told that the office olympics really brought ou tthe competitive spirit in all who were in attendance (especially you Susan), and that all the games were played with really passion and enthusiasm as both teams strived to take home that much-coveted Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy...a big congrats to Susan's Specials who scored victory this time around! It was an absolute pleasure to work with Susan in designing and delivering your Office Olympics event, and I hope that all in attendance walked away with fabulous memories of your time with Team Challenge Company. We look forward to seeing you all again soon, you better get yourselves in training for the big re-match! Jonathan



It is the natural impulse of man to follow and whoever has the strongest sense of purpose will dominate the rest. So it was with Susan's Specials finishing in the top two for every event in the Office Olympics. With performance like that it was obvious that they would come out on top! A great effort from us. As I sit in my office I am sizing up where to hang the basket ball net, and testing the chairs to see which would be the best at cornering for the grand prix around level 2 of the Scott platform. I can but dream ... aaaannyway back to real life and doing what an Odyssey coach (well me anyway) does best - a quick game of pass the hot potato, stand by your phones it could be coming your way!



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