Corporate Entertainment with Pipeline Technique

Posted: Dec 09 2011

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The teams enjoyed some highly competitive Corporate Entertainment outdoors in the shape of our Quad Biking, Archery and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, much to Alex's delight who wants them all for his Christmas!The Team Building event kicked off  the guests were keen to get down onto the estate and get stuck into all the activities laid on for them.  After a short walk down to the activity site the Quad Bikes were the first on the go and a hugely popular choice for all. Getting dressed into the overalls was a sight to behold and the fashion on display was truly outstanding - Patrick lead the way with the most fashionable of orange overalls of the day- but as the day wore on the boys went for the muddy trailblazer look as they explored the paths and estate around Pittodrie House Hotel - slowly and carefully- even Patrick this year !

With mixed skills in the Target Zone with  Archery everyone knew the final results were going to be very close.  In the head to head Rens awesome form and  technique saw him keeping hitting his target time after time, Lane was also a player.  Patrick was a bit handy with a good team effort but it was Rens in the head to head  who stepped up and stole the applause with an impressive shot that took down the balloon first time.The scores on the archery were Arkstrikers 231 playing against The Winners on 217 going into the next round - the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, with Alex really pulling out all the stops to try to clay back the score - bit was his sharp shooting enough ?

The Arkstrikers and The Winners  took on the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Challenge last with some excellent shooting from both teams - Arkstrikers looked to be poor in their practice, but after a motivating team talk from Patrick they pulled up their socks and got great scores across the board to take the last round.  After a quick  bribe to Euan (only joking !) the final scores were revealed: Arkstrikers Wins with 252 points and The Winners 2nd 241 pointsIt was a fantastic event full of fun and competition at Pittodrie House Hotel and a huge thanks must go to Patrick for organizing such a great day. We look forward to next years re-match in such glorious weather again - and maybe even faster quads !.  

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