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Posted: Aug 20 2011

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There was a furore at Quad Biking as Claire and some of the ladies got the fear of the mud but after a tutorial and walk through with Gerry the excitement soon took over and they were showing us what they are made of with a great driving display. Shame the same driving prowess wasn't so evident at the Blind 4x4 Station, enough said I think!After a quick lunch at the Hotel we were back out for round two of the day of Corporate Entertainment as the teams went head to head on their activities. As far as Target Golf is concerned the less said about Lesley and Ruth the better, we are still inspecting the can for those dents! Billy on the other hand was a golfing pro as was Lesley even though she was playing with the wrong handed club.

All in all it was a fantastic day as the teams got so involved with all of the activities and it was very close at the end as to who would be top of the leaderboard. Team one were lagging behind a little and were deemed the last place team of the day with a total of 5500 points while teams four and two came third and second respectively with 6200 and 6600 points. This meant that Team three were the champions with a great score of 6800 points taking home the trophy. Spirits were soaring as we finished up on a high and everyone put their hands together for Breege in appreciation of all of her hard work in putting the day together so a massive shout out to her. We look forward to meeting you all again soon.

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Oh my! What a day! Ruth, you certainly made an impression what with your incredible back to front bullseye, and you incredible golfing skills! My sides are still sore from all the laughing and cheering we did and I already look forward to the next installment. Cant wait to see what we will manage to achieve next time! Sarah-Jane


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