Corporate Family Fun Day with Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK

Posted: Aug 28 2011

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It was an afternoon of fun day entertainment in store for all of the families from Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK at the stunning Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen. There were lots of exciting Inflatable Fun activities for the adults and kids to enjoy, from Bucking Bronco to Bouncy Castle as well as a Target Zone with Target Golf and Quads for those serious about improving their steady, aim, FIRE!

So much of the event was filled with laughter and friendly competition that there are many moments that will stay with us all for a long time to come. One such moment was the stiff competition over at the Archery where there were several Robin Hoods with seriously impressive skills with a bow and arrow. Sean was the one who had the power to take the title and be crowned the champion and deserving recipient of the first of the trophies.

Similarly there was a tight competition on Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting as Colin dominated for the first half with a combination of skill and that good old favourite beginners luck. Graeme then came to the floor and nearly stole the crown but it was snatched at the very end by Michael with a few excellent shots that delivered him firmly to the top of the leaderboard taking home our second Chalice of Champions.

Last but by no means least for this day was the Bungee Run spectacle where little Rose and Matthew put up a very good fight but in the end it was down to Jennifer and Hannah to have handbags at dawn and fight for the top spot. Although very very close it was Hannah who came out on top by one millimetre and took home the Winner's Trophy with a triumphant cry of 'yes third time lucky'.

It was a fantastic afternoon and these were only some of our highlights and we look forward to hearing all of yours below. These days are always a huge effort to organise so massive shout out to Jennifer for all of her hard work in putting it together for everyone to enjoy. We look forward to the day we are lucky enough to meet you all again for the rematches. 

Comments (3)



What a fantastic day! So much laughter and fun was had by all that my sides are still sore! I very much look forward to meeting you all again. Sarah-Jane



Brilliant turnout on not such a sunny day and everyone threw themselves into the activities and events which was great to see. The indoor Bungee Run kept everyone laughing before, during and after the BBQ with a picture above of the finalist in the Bungee run competition. Big thank you to Jennifer for all her efforts and after seeing her on a quad bike I am glad I drive a car haha. See you all again very soon I am sure Gerry


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