Corporate Quiz Evening with Health & Safety Executive

Posted: Mar 31 2010

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The corporate event started with a bang as the teams went head to head in the fast and furious Higher or Lower Round with Bold 2 in 1 starting with an early lead.. Unfortunately most of the teams were knocked out early doors, It was up to Andrew to keep a cool head as the round came to its climax, winning maximum points for Bold 2 in 1 . I would never have guessed that Andrew was a bit of a legend on the dancefloor...but how he proved me wrong!The Quiz Night continued with even more hilarity,and a multitude of rounds which included Guess Who, The Infamous Sports Round and the ever favorite Cars of the Stars , though some teams didn't know their de Loreans from a hole in the ground !

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In our interview's afterwards Tigers Temptress complained there were no sensible questions or was it just that there were no sensible people in their team ? Team Winnie said their huge success was down to a great team effort and their love of movies, Adrian please let them get out more !



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