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Posted: Sep 20 2018

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Team Challenge Company had the pleasure of hosting ETAS Group at the beautiful Hazelwood Castle, where we brought a selection of team building activities for our wonderful guests. Having spent the whole afternoon with these great people, we at Team Challenge would definitely say that ETAS are an intelligent and forward thinking company, and definitely look to be going from strength to strength!

Our first activity was called Beat The Box, and is similar to an escape room, but can all be played from the convenience of your conference or local office. Five teams were issued with one large locked box. After a short introduction video, our teams were tasked to open that box, plus all the interior boxes to gain a code. This code, when typed into the computer, would stop the clock and they would Beat The Box!

Well ETAS hit the ground running with their group. Mostly working within the engineering department and generally all quick thinkers, the first box was opened after only a few minutes brainstorming work.  

After an absolutely rapid hour of work, the team were on the last box. Seeing all the members working together to Beat The Box was a great sight to behold, and the ETAS guys managed to complete the challenge in record time.

After the much more serious and stressful hours of Beat The Box, We felt that we needed something a more light hearted. This is where we went with our Pressure Zone game.

In teams, our guests were given a particular challenge. They had time to practice, then were given a scoring round. For every successful attempt, the teams were given £100 of TCC Cash. For every unsuccessful attempt, the team loses a life!

All of the rounds in the game are deceptively difficult. They seem like a super easy attempt at some money, but our guests were surprised at how many goes they had to take to win money!

After all those rounds, testing their skill and accuracy, comes the final challenge. Tier Drop seems like an easy enough round, bounce a ball off two different height pillars and into a bucket. Of all the team’s attempts, a pitiful number landed in the target!

The money was counted, and Team Three had led themselves to a rousing victory!

We here at Team Challenge had a great time working with ETAS Group, and we wish them all the best for the future.

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What a competitive bunch from ETAS. We had a brilliant day for your Beat the Box and Pressure Zone event and hope that you all had a wonderful time too. We look forward to working together again in the near future!



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