Evening Entertainment Race Night with Kenmore Hotel

Posted: Mar 01 2011

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Comments (2)


stephen hazley

Norma, Norma, Norma where did it all go wrong ? ! Well probably on the first round to be honest ! But on the plus side you do wear a mean flouncy hat at the races ! Great night at the delightful Kenmore Hotel and congratulations to the awesome Kelso Team for an outstanding performance throughout the evening - we knew it meant a lot to them winning when Gillian had the trophy on a chain proudly round her neck next morning at reception - and why not ! Bet that was a painful sight for Jennifer - shame your beginners luck ran out early doors ! Hope to see you all again soon at Kenmore Hotel .... you guys rock !!!! Stephen


Norma Lindsay

A huge Thank You to Stephen, Bob and Ewan of Team Challenge Company, who provided us with a unique evening of entertainment by taking us to 'the Races'. Gosh, you guys work SO hard, with no attention to detail left to chance, although I STILL maintain the picture you claimed was Mark Lawrence was indeed Lenny Henry! Everyone, to a man, is STILL talking about the evening, but I think it would be fair to say none of us is considering a change of career - unless of course it involves me getting to wear an even BIGGER hat! Our collective appreciation to you all once again for a fantastic night - here's to the next time! PS: The trophy is still being shown off at Reception, and in fact Gillian has been seen drinking her coffee out of it!



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