Excecutive Corporate Quiz with Kenmore Hotel

Posted: Jan 31 2012

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The quiz event had once again been a huge success for Kenmore Hotel with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying a spectacularly hilarious evening of entertainment. A big shout out and thank-you must go to Norma for all her efforts and hard work that went in to making their Night such a memorable one, Kenmore Hotel team were once again a real pleasure to work with, and we hope to see you all and entertain you all again soon.

Comments (2)


stephen hazley

Norma Norma Norma - where did it all go wrong !!!! Ok next time just for you we will have a Wet Wet Wet greatest hits quiz and after that one answer we can party !!!! Great night once again at the beautiful Kenmore hotel with your crazy keen competitive team - Team Bogart what a result ! Thanks for inviting us back again to the party with your awesome team they are a real credit to you and Kenmore. And thanks also for at least letting us see and drool over the salmon laughing at us as they swam past your hotel - we shall return ! Stephen


Norma Lindsay

Well, the thing is this......I could make all of the excuses under the sun, but the fact is, we were RUBBISH!! Joking apart, thank you to Stephen, Gerry, Bob and Ewan (sorry if the spelling is incorrect), for another amazing evening. You guys work SO hard from the word go, and don't take your foot off the pedal for the duration. The Riverview Suite looked brilliant, and the feedback from everyone has been nothing less than positive, NOT withstanding some very fragile heads the next morning. It's an interesting exercise in human behaviour to watch colleagues become so highly competitive! One thought - could the quiz next year centre on shoes - I could personally supply all of the props!! You are all a delight to work with, and I thank you agan whilst looking forward to a repeat performance in 12 months time, when obviously MY team are going to win! Wishing you continued success Norma



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