Team Building Glasgow City Scavenger Hunt with CIGNA

Posted: Mar 06 2014

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After a full day of conferencing at the stunning Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow, the afternoon brought some respite for the group from CIGNA Global Healthcare in the form of our Team Building Events - City Scavenger Hunt. After a quick break to get changed, and more importantly get the waterproofs on!, it was time for the teams to delve into their mission brief and explore the contents of their scavenging packs. With the team captains assigned to much applause and lots of laughter in the case of Gilles who was such a good sport in being renamed, the teams were released into the city center to face the typhoon and return in just an hour and a half with the required photographs, answers and items.

Part of the Hunt required our teams to keep a close eye on Twitter for the bonus general knowledge questions that would be sent from HQ to test our teams. The fastest responses were those that took the most points and of the three questions it was Captain Fantastic and his Amazing Hamsters that came out of it the General Knowledge kings. As for finding the Team Challenge Company fugitive, despite being given some excellent clues and eventually explicit instructions as to her whereabouts only Sexy Time managed to find her and take the points.

Once all of our teams returned to HQ (including our latecomers!) it was time to share the items that the teams managed to find along the way to spell out the word Glasgow. With the Magpies kicking us off we had some dubious items- we are still trying to work out in which alphabet a newspaper begins with G! After sharing these finds with the groups it was time to enjoy the starter course of the evening while our team collated the scores ready to see who came out on top. After starter it was clear that politeness had gone out the window as everyone wanted to know who the losers were and it was the Crazy Foxes with 240 points who laid claim to the Wooden Spoon in last place. With the Magpies, Team Gilles and Seriously have you looked outside coming 6th, 5th and 4th respectively, the tension grew as we turned to our top three. In third the Cheesy Monkeys just missed out, as did Captain Fantastic and his Amazing Dancing Hamsters meaning that the CIGNA Glasgow City Scavenger Hunt champions were Sexy Time with 490 points and taking home the Team Challenge Company Winner's Trophy! Before enjoying the rest of dinner everyone put their hands together for Susan and John for making the event possible. We look forward to the next rematch and fingers crossed it will be a dry one!

Comments (3)



Thanks for this and Jonathan has just called too. Please thank Sarah-Jane and Ali for being so upbeat and fun and getting everyone going on a wet night. Despite the rain, all had a great night.



Please thank Sarah-Jane and Ali for being so upbeat and fun and getting everyone going on a wet night. Despite the rain, all had a great night. Thanks again. Susan



What a fun afternoon we had! I have to take my proverbial hat off to you all for braving the worst of the Scottish weather and getting straight into the spirit of the Hunt. It was fantastic to see some familiar faces again and to end your conference with a bang. Sarah-Jane



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