High Roller Casino Night at Fasque Estate

Posted: Aug 23 2012

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Within moments the room was brimming with guests, all desperate to try their hand at making a fortune. Gamblers young and old joined the Casino Night, which saw stacks of chips rise and fall quicker than you could shout 'Blackjack!' Samia took an early lead over at the Blackjack table, turning her initial £30 into hundreds in just a matter of minutes - was the writing on the wall? Monika didn't have the same luck in the Texas Hold'Em Poker and she decided to listen to those around her, as they quickly went to blow their money at the Roulette table!The Poker Tournament began for real when David showed his expert hand, and within minutes we had the first casualties of the evening, with both Robert and Herbert finding themselves all-in and way behind, before busting out in dramatic style. They retired to the practice area to brush up on their skills (it has been said they need the extra practice). Illya and Maria were battling it out all evening on the Texas Hold'Em Poker Table, it seemed they were invincible! Could they make enough money to take home the Team Challenge Company Cup?... It wouldn't be long before we would find out!

Comments (2)


Johnathon Leslie

The Fun Casino Night for Shell UK was a great event. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a ball competing against one another to try and win the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy. Hope to have the chance to work with you all again. Johnathon Leslie.


Jonathan Hazley

It was a pleasure to work with Moyra and Illya in designing and delivering yet another fantastic evening with Shell UK. The entire evening was a great success, and the fabulous Fasque House Estate really provided a wonderful backdrop for the night of High Roller Entertainment. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the evening, and very much hope to see you again soon! Jonathan



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