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Posted: Dec 15 2008

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Buxted Park provided the venue for Grandstand Hopitality's Corporate Entertainment on an afternoon of torrential rain and stormy winds. The original plan to enjoy a day of outdoor activities including Quad Biking, Archery and Target Golf were abandoned, as the weather took charge and proved too much for anybody to handle.

Instead then, the group of around 30 guests were treated to some Indoor Entertainment in the shape of an Interactive Quiz, complete with added bonus rounds where lots of points were up for grabs. The excited group was divided into four teams, namely; X-Factor, The Ultimate, Barely Tall, and The A-Team (who were actually a lot more like The B-Team, but more of that to follow...) Some serious points were up for grabs in a variety of interactive quiz rounds, as the teams vied for supremacy and the chance to walk away with the illustrious trophy.

The Indoor Entertainment continued as the teams got off their seats and competed in the next game - Giraffe Build. The task was to build the tallest, prettiest, most impressive giraffe using only the limited materials provided...! Apparently the 'using only the limited materials provided' didn't apply to The A-Team, as they built Gary the Giraffe - that tallest, prettiest and most impressive giraffe of the day. However, The A-Team were quickly branded the cheats of the Corporate Entertainment Event, as contraband spilled from the insides of Gary...there was even sweetie wrappers holding the paper animal together - zero points there A-Team, sorry!

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