Indoor Entertainment Interactive Quiz with Search Consultancy

Posted: Nov 09 2010

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The big finale for the evening was the Team Building Challenge Bridge Build, the tension in the room was electric, teams had everything to play for.  The sound of the ripping paper and sellotape was deafening.  With time up, each team brought their bridge up for the drive over.  For the first time in company history the car failed to make it across ANY of the bridges... despite some of the teams trying to cheat.This was a fantastic fun filled event and although there could only be one winner, the energy and enthusiasm from all teams was of the highest level.  It was a tight competition at the end but the Winner of the 2010 Search Consultancy event was the 7 Wonders, with a steady performance throughout all 8 Interactive Quiz Rounds and coming out with a final score of 6600.  

Comments (3)



Woohoo what an event this was, smoking from the very start and with Graham screaming it was Joe Royal the night was surely going to turn messy at some point, haha. Wonderful people to be with and a credit to the company. Big thanks to Kathryn for organising everything and see you all soon I am sure. Gerry



Just wanted to post a quick note to say how excellent our quiz night was with Team Challenge Company. We had such a laugh right throughout the night, it was really great fun and I only wish my team had been a little better at pumping up our balloons! Thanks again for a hilarious night Mark



I almost fell about our office floor laughing when I spoke with Gerry and the rest of our team the day after the night before, and they informed me just how crazy the Search Consultancy group were...I could only imagine the hilarity of the evening's events. I am delighted that Search Consultancy's most recent Interactive Quiz Night event with us was yet again a huge success, and was enjoyed by all in attendance! It was a pleasure to work with Kathryn in creating an Evening Entertainment event that was exactly what her team were looking for, and I look forward to working with Search Consultancy agin in the near future to once again make your event...The Event! Jonathan



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