Indoor Entertainment with Schlumberger

Posted: May 21 2009

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The Indoor Entertainment began with a few quick fire Executive Quiz Rounds for the teams to earn some bonus points before the Games Mania commenced. The Blockers ran out winners in the Hit Or Miss Round, though struggled with the rest of the teams in the Guess Who Round...a undeniably tricky one!

It was then on to the first of the Games Mania Activities, as the teams competed head-to-head in the Air-Hockey and Scalextrics events. The Indoor Entertainment was pumping, the teams were giving it everything they had, and the scores were quickly mounting up as the Executive Quiz Rounds kicked back into action.The frantic Indoor Entertainment continued with the teams once again squaring off in the Puzzle Corner and the Foosball. It was brains over brawn in the Puzzle Corner, and it seemed Ryan had more brains than most, solving an incredible 5 out of a possible 9 puzzles, a feat which is not to be underestimated!

It would all come down to the final Games Mania activity of the night, perhaps the most skilled and athletic game known to man - DARTS! There were more than a few Lords of the Ockey, but when it came down to the wire, it was the Blockers and their wasted youth that won out on the day.

Team Second 2 None infact proved to be Second to everyone, picking up the Wooden Spoon for finishing in last place. They were narrowly beaten by the Dancing Queens in 3rd and Cunning Stunts in 2nd. But no team could stop the mighty Blockers, who proudly took the stage to claim the crown and collect the Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy.The Indoor Entertainment had proved a massive success, with the Games Mania activities thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The team from Schlumberger were tremendous fun to work with, and we certainly look forward to seeing everyone at the next event.

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