Indoor Team Building with Stork Technical Services

Posted: Dec 17 2012

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Then the teams split out to do the activities Laser Shooting and the NASA Challenge. "The Non Conformants" were on shooting with Euan and proved to be sharp shooters with really good scores but once the 1 team got their hands on the guns they showed them who's boss with one of the highest scores we have seen in a long time ( thanks for the tip Greig). The Team Building activity of NASA Challenge put the teams out with all trying to get the lowest score as we listened to "1 Team" on NASA Challenge we thought Bruce Willis had landed in the team as one team member said they could walk on the moon at 8mph which in our book that would be amazing but would never happen. Once all the scores were in  and  the winners of  NASA was...... (we couldn't believe it) it was "1 Team" snatching victory again and shouts of easy from a few team members which we will not mention their names A....W haha.After a 5 minute comfort break, the teams came back energised and ready to take the last 2 activities head on.  Our team gave the brief for the Team Building activity of Interlocker and could see from the start "The Non Conformants" were focused and they knew it was all or nothing as they lost the last 3 activities. They battled  away and in the end the "Non Conformants" came out on top with a fantastic time of 12 minutes and that gave them hope going into the last activity.

Bridge Build was the last challenge and the excitement and tension was building to see who would be taken home full marks of 2000 points. The teams had 15 minutes to erect the bridge and going by the designs we thought we are going to get success today. Once the time was up the teams brought their bridge to the front but we had 2 bridge disasters tut tut.

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