Interactive Corporate Quiz Night with Shell

Posted: Aug 17 2011

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There were many hilarious highlights from the Night, many too rude to mention in this blog...mostly involving The Roddies- however, we have included some of our favourite moments and  banter that surrounded the entertainment. There was the outrageous cheating oh I mean lateral thinking that occurred in the Balloon Tower when Peter went outside and brought in his bike pump to assist - you should be so ashamed of yourselves...though it was a genius idea! And of course the Movie Round was just insane...especially for those who didn't know their Star Wars from Star Trek and the Movie Cars was even more challenging !!!My personal highlight of the Event was the big finale on the Boomwhackers. There were many off beat tunes (perhaps none more so than the Super6 /5's, but there were one or two diamonds in the rough in this team- keep up the good work. The tune beat out by The Roddies was not only in the grove but included every body part in view, and I hear Norfolk have been booked for a World Tour ...what absolute legends! With the final scores checked and verified, there was only one thing to do...announce the winners of the Evening Entertainment.

Final Scores on the Doors 1st Norfolk & Chance 8400

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