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Posted: Sep 04 2012

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The last round before the finale was the Music Round, for all teams who hadn't played their joker it was their chance to get double points all teams done great in this round expcept from team Crouching Tigers who only got 5 right out of a possible 20 who knows what happened there! But 5 Bob Notes made their come back getting only one wrong taking them into the top four! That was a shock as we thought they were taking home the wooden spoon!It was now time for what everyone had been waiting for and that was the finale round called Animal Race! The top four teams that had made it through to the tense finale was Five Bob Notes, Comply or Die, Doctors Orders and Crouching Tigers but there could only be one winner taking home the trophy and that was the Crouching Tigers who were fighting to win that trophy in the last round!!

Thank you to Janine for orginising this amazing fun filled event we hope to see and work with you soon thanks!

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