It's a Knockout

Posted: Sep 21 2009

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The Event would see the respective divisions broken up into 16 separate teams who would battle it out over 4 zones packed full of activities, each team competing for the chance to walk away winners of the mighty and much coveted Team Challenge Company Winners Trophy. Let the games begin...!The first of the 4 zones saw the fast-paced action of the Fun Zone, with the teams going head-to-head in a battle of sheer skill and raw ability.

Skill was once again the name of the game in the Target Zone, which saw teams compete for top marks on the Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery ranges. Southampton's very own Big Bad Ollie, AKA Don Johnson of Miami Vice, blew the competition away on the Laser Clays - must have been those super-cool sunglasses (and the shorts)! Best Archer from the Glasgow event wasThe entertainment continued in fun-filled fashion with the Inflatable Fun Zone, where once again the teams battled it out head-to-head in a bid to score the big points up for grabs. Competitors stretched for glory on the Bungee Run, rid the waves on the Surf Simulator and sent opponents crashing to the inflatable bed below on the Gladiator Duel, all to the rapturous applause of on-looking team mates. Claire and Gillian managed to sneak a private session on the Bucking Bronco at Botley Park Hotel, and it has been reported that their screams and giggles were heard as far away as Portsmouth...for all of 7 seconds!

Perhaps the highlight of both fun Events came with the fourth and final zone...the electrifying, exhilarating and unquestionably hilarious It's A Knockout! The crazy, wild and wonderful action spread across a number of sensational races, all of which was kicked off with the much-famed TCC warm-up! There were some stunning moves on display in both Glasgow and Southampton, with some stretches enjoyed perhaps a little too much by a few of the know who you are! The fabulous Knockout races included the Caterpillar Tracks, the Chariot Dash, the Bullseye Sack Race and the soaking Sponge Fling, all rounded off with the big finale - The Assault Course. What a site it was to behold, hundreds of 'athletes' bounding over the giant inflatable...legendary!The BVT Surface Fleet Corporate Entertainment & It's a Knockout Events in both Glasgow and Southampton proved to be massive successes, with all in attendance thoroughly enjoying a fabulous afternoon. Though only one team could take home the Winners Trophy, we hope you all left with tremendous memories of your day at the respective venues. A big thank-you must go to Claire and Gillian for all the effort and hard work that went in to making the Events such great occasions, the BVT Surface Fleet team were an absolute pleasure to work with, and we at Team Challenge Company certainly look forward to seeing you all again soon

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Bob Scott

What an Event!! It was a pleasure to work with you all at your It's a Knockout event, everyone was great fun and looked like they were having a great time, however Claire & Gillian, I think you need more practice on the Bucking Bronco if your ever going to improve on those time's!! I look forward to working with you all again soon Bob


stephen hazley

Two awesome challenge events both at great venues with great weather at both - well done Gillian and Claire for organising the sunshine ! Both events were a real pleasure to work at with the competitors keen to step up to each and every challenge and join in all the fun. See you all at the gym soon getting ready for next year ! Stephen



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