James Bond Casino Night with Aberdeen Asset Management

Posted: Jan 20 2012

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The Roulette Tables as usual proved very popular with the guests throughout the night, providing some of the biggest wins...followed by some of the biggest losses!  As the  music blasted out the guests took their fun money to the Roulette, Poker and Blackjack Tables, where they bid to turn just a few pounds into thousands. Many dreams were shattered in an instant, as the cry of "50 quid on red" often ended in disappointed for the all but the luckiest of gamblers...Daniel was always one to watch - especially when he reached £200...in debt!There were, however, a huge amount of successful gambling guests at the Blackjack Tables, and chip stacks grew higher and higher throughout.  Jonathan was found walking around with a bunch of £100 chips in his pocket - maybe he was keeping them for his trip back into Aberdeen to  spend in the shops! The photos show some of the players and poseurs at Blackjack...and with our Bond Friends who showed up for the evening - needless to say Ian came back to the banker- a lot! The poker players looked mean and moody - especially when Euan took all their money then took their house keys!

The event continued long into the night, and it can certainly be said that all the guests had a fabulous time as they lived the life of a High-Roller throughout the Casino Night.  A big 'Thank You' must go out to James and the Team who did a fantastic job in arranging such a fun and successful event and competed so enthusiastically in every challenge.  James did it so successfully that he blew all his money at the roulette table to prove what a good sport he really is!

Comments (3)


stephen hazley

Awesome James Bond Evening at Marcliffe Hotel with Aberdeen Asset Management - and weren't you guys and girls competitive ! Big shout out to James and his team of organisers who did such a great job leading up to the event and on the night itself - hope to work with you all again Stephen



Really good night and I'd like to add my appretiation for putting up with my antics (esp the girl given the thankless task of keeping track of me on roulette) and putting on a great casino night Thanks Social committee and Team Challenge! Ian



Well Ian it was a pleasure! You were a great addition to the table and saw the laughter erupt all night. The entire evening was an absolute hoot with some excellent gambling skills (some not so!) and a great bunch of people. Look forward to meeting you all again soon. Sarah-Jane



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