James Bond Quantum of Solace

Posted: Nov 03 2008

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We hosted a fantastic evening in conjunction with the VUE Cinema to launch the first showing of the new Bond movie Quantum of Solace. 

The 50 invited guests arrived at the Cinema to a warm welcome from our Bond girls Emma and Ashley and shown onto the red carpet to be photographed by our own James Bond Jonathan, the enormous prop gun created a stir and it was a fight between the boys and the girls as to who would be holding the weapon for the pictures.Before the screening the guests took part in a casino challenge, with just £50 each the pressure was on to see who could earn the most within the 30 minutes.  It seemed Kevin from Aker took an early lead however the guys under estimated the ladies because they came storming back with Laura from Acergy and Judith from MacDonlad Hotels claiming a top gambling prize, leaving Kevin to pick up Best Dressed Man.

Comments (4)


Kevin Newstead

Stephen & Gerry Thanks for a great night, wonderfully organised as usual. I managed to last slightly longer at blackjack than Karen did on the roulette


Ian Russell

Stephen and Gerry, You can see from the smiles on the faces that people enjoyed themselves on the night. I thought the casino was a super idea and Geraldine never having gambled before had a great time. She did retire early as her feet were getting sore and handed over the cash to me but I must have taken all of 5 minutes to blow the lot. (Easily seen it



Stephen & Gerry, What a fab night !!! Alison and me were very cautious at the start with our gambling but soon got into the swing of things, at one point we had very little left but then we came back with a vengence (just like Bond !!!!) and we ended up being joint winners with Judith although I think Gerry had a wee hand in helping us along !!!! Thank you for the chocs, we stuffed our faces on Monday morning when we moved into our new office, it was great. Thanks again for a great night and if anyone understood the film could they please explain. Alison & Laura


jane findlater

Stephen and Gerry A big thankyou to all your team for hosting a very entertaining evening. It was great to gamble free of charge and have those wonderful seats to enjoy the movie in style. We look forward to Team Challenge providing us with future entertainment for our corporate days. Jane & Ian



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