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Posted: Jun 12 2014

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What a day it turned out to be, sun shining and not a cloud in the sky! After a busy morning at their conference as Selsdon Park, the team from i2c were delighted to find out their day was ending in the form of a Crystal Challenge team building London event courtesy of Team Challenge Company. In their teams from the morning, they were given the chance to win themselves some crystals throughout the day and so they set off without hesitation. With plenty of fun filled activities there were definitely plenty of chances available to win some much needed crystals so that in the end they would be able to take home the fantastic Team Challenge Company Trophy. There could be only one winner so the competition was on from the start.

Over on archery the Jagerbombers and Abicus had the chance to shoot their way to a crystal. Looking at these guys it’s hard to believe Robin Hood wasn’t part of their teams. After a bit of practice it was time for the real test. All they had to do was reach 180 points and they would secure themselves a crystal. It was tough but both team secured their crystal. After the skills and accuracy it took on archery there was also the individual challenge over on the Giant Buzz Off where the teams put their faith in one person with the steady hands in order to win the crystal. There were a good amount of winners but nobody beat Andrea who had the fastest time of the day, not even a bit of hesitation before she worked her way right to the end without a single buzz! Over on the Chicken, Fox and Grain we got our teams dressing up so they looked the part. Luckily they were only in the costumes for a short amount of time, so their reputations didn’t take too much of a hit! Racing up and down while carrying the grain to the end, the Free Loaders definitely had the game worked out from the start and walked away with a vital crystal to add to their total. After the energetic game here they were given another chance to win a crystal on the flag race, where both speed and agility were required to take home a crystal. The teams put forward their fittest and speediest individual and all they had to do was beat a time of 21 seconds, basically giving a crystal away!

The challenges of the day weren’t all physical, there was also some mental challenges thrown into the mix such as the Interlocker. With only one person at a time being allowed to look at the map it was debatable amongst the teams if it was manageable, however the Honeybadgers seemed to have it worked out and they wouldn't let anybody forget that they were in fact the fastest! To go with our brainy interlocker there was some riddles where the Einsteins of the team were given the chance to shine, giving another chance to take away a crystal. Another mind boggling activity was the puzzles and labyrinth, much trickier than it looked apparently as only one of our teams managed to take away a crystal here! Don’t worry guys, we can blame it on the sun! It was finally that time of day where the teams had the chance to win the trophy, the time that everyone had been looking forward to since the start of the day, The Crystal Dome! Our top three teams came up and took their chances in the dome. With a good number of 7 crystals Jamie’s Angels took their chances and came out with a huge fantastic £2100 however it wasn’t enough to beat the Honeybadgers who came out with a whopping £6100 meaning that they had secured themselves a victory and a Team Challenge Company Trophy. All in all it was a fantastic day and the organisers done a superb job, thank you especially to Yasmin!

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Thankfully the sun stayed out for the whole day for i2c, I even managed to come away with a bit of a tan! The team were a pleasure to work with and there were definitely a couple of sharp shooters over on archery. It was great to see how everyone came out of their shell throughout the day and hopefully I will see you all again soon.



What an incredible day in the tropical sunshine! What a great group to work with - especially as so many managed to complete the Interlocker in the time with only one or two hints! It was fantastic to see so many people get so involved and I very much hope to see you all again soon.



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