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Posted: Jul 08 2014

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The theme at the start of the day at the County Hotel for their team building london was a "Teddy Bears Picnic" and the theme was certainly kept up throughout the day! Coming together, the first task of the day was to get into teams and think of some creative team names. The competition between teams started early as we soon had a battle of the sexes on our hands, with the boys forming team 'TOWIE' and the girls calling themselves 'Well Jel'. Clearly there is an Essex theme going on! The first task of the day was the thriller that is Axe Throwing. At first glance it looks as though it would be tricky but after a few practice shots, several of both team members got some points in! Nobody was shocked more than Sara herself when she managed to land it on the board! After the boys took round one, it was time for the girls to win back some credit with the next challenge which was Crane Construction. Apparently 'Well Jel'; weren't happy with the materials we provided and so went on to get assistance from the contractors! What can we say, other than the fact they used their initiative? By the end of the challenge both teams had managed to get a crane together before the moment of truth. For the girls, Maxine was given the task of winding the weight up, for no reason other than she was the only one who could reach it! Yes, it really was that tall! The boys from Team ‘TOWIE’ were not far behind and also managed to get it fully functioning. However there could be only one winner and the girls pulled off a win meaning there was a 1-1 draw.

It was now time for our teams to split, with one heading towards Rollerball and another heading towards the Casket Challenge. ‘Well Jell’ started off on the Rollerball and quickly managed to get a steady structure together. While over on the Casket Challenge the boys had a plan together and successfully pulled it off! Before we could switch our teams over, our luck with the weather had run out and we endured some rain. Luckily we had the option to do our Clown Performance finale inside! With Robie teaching the girls some skills and Kerry taking ‘TOWIE’ through their paces, we managed to get a performance together with their newly found skills. ‘Well Jel’ carried on with the teddy bears picnic theme and even had a surprise visitor, whereas the boys went for a skills only performance with Pedro and Vilain showing off a bit of plate spinning, Rich showing everyone his juggling skills and Stephen and Greg getting together some balloon modelling skills and putting on an impromptu sword fight! Although both teams did well the point went with the girls meaning it was 2-1.

The rain was off so luckily we could go back outside and finish off our challenges, with the boys taking their turn on Rollerball and the girls doing their Casket Challenge. After they had managed to complete it, we totalled up the scores again and found out that the girls were in the lead with 3-2. With only Archery left to go the big question was whether we would need our tie breaker game! We were counting for points in Archery and after a few practices we started to keep a score, although we did get a few hits in from both teams including a good shot from Katie and a bulls eye from Stephen there was a substantial 130 point lead for the boys meaning it was a 3-3 tie! Finishing off the day was our tie breaker activity Stepping Stones. Both teams went for a win and tried their best to quickly navigate the course and in the end it came down to who would manage the last couple of stones first! It was close but after leaving Maxine behind in the middle of the course it meant a victory for Team ‘TOWIE’! Both took something away, although in the case of ‘Wel Jel’, it was only the wooden spoon! It was a fantastic day at the County Hotel in Essex for an afternoon packed with Team Building and a big thanks goes to Sara for putting it together. We hope to see some of you again in the not too distant future!

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What a day! These teams were something else. Getting a group of contractors to help with Crane Construction? I can't fault your creativity that's for sure! Thanks for making the day so great guys!



Thank you to everyone for making this such a fantastic afternoon despite the best efforts of the weather to dampen our spirits. I haven't had such a laugh while hosting an event ever! Sara 2nd place! Even after all of the match fixing allegations as well!



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