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Posted: Sep 04 2014

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The Cliveden Hotel was the extra extravagant venue for King Digital’s, team building event, Crystal Challenge! They may have been few in numbers but they made up for it with high spirits as they went completed their challenges throughout the day. We kicked off the day with Balloon Tower, pitting the teams head to head to see who could build the highest tower. The Rest of the world came in with a very impressive 64 inches, however, unfortunately Javier made a few minor alterations at the end which cost them a few inches and meant the British Bulldogs won the challenge with an amazing 70 inches!!! Their individual challenge was the mental challenge of Riddles and once again the British Bulldogs represented by Nick, got the crystal after our tie breaker riddle. Up next was NASA which gave both of the teams the opportunity to win crystals but in this case was The Rest of the World who completed the challenge with the very impressive score of 20 points which meant they fell into the excellent category. Unfortunately, the British Bulldogs only managed an average score of 38 and meant they scored no crystals where The Rest of the World scored 2! Hole in One came up next for the individual which gave Chris from the British Bulldogs the chance to crawl back 1 crystal and take the lead.

Next up was Puzzle Corner and both teams struggled with the Giant Jigsaws and weren't able to complete either. But with both teams on Labyrinth they couldn't possibly fail especially with some uncommon kindness from the Leopard Lover and both teams walked away with a crystal and a second crystal from the Bat the Rat individual challenge with Wayne from the Bulldogs and Sharon for The Rest of the World. Next up was Crane Build which came with a few interesting designs. Some of which were stable and some which were questionable at best but still intriguing to look at. In the end the winner was the British Bulldogs which reached 70 inches again which edged out The Rest of the Worlds crane at only 56 inches which meant the Bulldogs walked away with another two crystals. Melissa managed to bring it back for The Rest of the World on the Buzz Me and got her team another crystal!!!

Up next for our teams was the Scrambled Egg Challenge! The aim of the game was to come up with a way to throw an egg into a bucket without cracking it into bits! Of course there was time given for planning and The Rest of the World team was away testing out with rocks and weights which most definitely helped them win this crystal! The final chance for a crystal was with the Bridge Build activity! Another chance for our teams to try their hand at creating something, in this case it was building a sturdy bridge to get a car across. Only one team could get the win and in this card it was the British Bulldogs. Heading into the Crystal Dome Finale we had a quick count to see how the numbers were looking and The Rest of the World team had 7 crystals compared to the 9 from the British Bulldogs meaning or teams went in with 21 and 27 seconds respectively! Taking the chance for the bulldogs was Nick and he definitely made the most of his opportunity grabbing the cash. Javier was a strong competitor and fought hard in the dome! After the count, there was a close call but our trophy winners of the day were the Bulldogs with a huge £280 compared to the Rest of the World team who managed to get £90 out of the dome. It was a fantastic day for everyone and lots of crystals were won. A big thanks goes to Wayne for putting in the effort and we hope to see everyone in the not too distant future!

Comments (2)


Kerry Jackson

A great venue and a great bunch of people to work with! The effort from both teams was what made the day such a success. I hope you all had as much fun as I did!


Ali Mac

For such a small group you sure put in a lot of effort, hope you had a great time!



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