Olympic Themed Corporate Quiz with SHS Group

Posted: Jul 28 2012

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Comments (2)


Bob Scott

It was a night of fun and laughter from start finish on this event. We had high hopes for a lot of the teams on the night but Brazil let us down haha. Their score was one of the worst we have seen in years. Euan said to me that he thought they were only here for the drink and it showed why. Hopefully next time they can re-deem themselves ! A pleasure to work with Kelly-Ann on this event and we all look forward to the next one! Bob


stephen hazley

Bernard, Bernard, Bernard- - where did it all go wrong ? And to think my younger brother had so much potential - it was your team that let you down bro ! Great night out with SHS and a big shout out to Kelly - Ann for all her hard work leading up to and on the night itself. SHS you were awesome - we shall meet again ! Stephen



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