Quiz Night in Tortworth

Posted: Oct 20 2009

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With the next 5 rounds being Guess What & Where, Higher or Lower, Guess the Advert, Movie Quotes and Sport it was the sport round that caused the biggest upset of the night.  The controvesy at this fantastic event came when it was discovered Team 1 were using the Blackberry to find answers, this in itself isn't a crime however being caught is, the chants said it all and the team hung their heads in shame.With 3 rounds left it was a sprint to the finish line and the evening was over as quickly as it had started.  Time had come to reveal the winners and losers and below we have let the world see the results

Comments (1)


stephen hazley

Top evening entertainment at the beautiful Tortworth Court Hotel with each of the teams quickly getting into the mood of the night and raising their game each time the rounds got tougher... However... The Blackberry Incident will be remembered for next time ! Team 8 put in a fantastic performance throughout the evening leading from the off and to take the Team Challenge trophy with not one bad round in sight... Team 10 had a few disasters throughout...and they know it but hey at least you didnt cheat - and at least you came in the top 20 ! A big shout out to Joanne for organising the event and keeping everyone at HFMA in order through the night ... I promise we will give you more answers next time to improve on your podium position - and yes you will be picked on next time ! See you all again soon. Stephen



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