Team Building Scotland Beat the Clock Event with Aker Solutions

Posted: May 24 2014

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As the team from Aker Solutions arrived at Loch Kinord Hotel they were raring to go for their brand new Beat The Clock team building Scotland event during the day and a disco and karaoke evening. Splitting into teams there was an early chance to enjoy the day as they were tasked with coming up with a team name. After a lot of deliberation we finally had our teams Kim's Cool Chicks, the Horny Stags, the She-Males, and a Bunch of Bananas. Definitely an interesting start there. The teams were sent off on their first rotations with two teams heading towards Casket Rescue with Stephen and Simon and our remaining teams taking part in Caterpillar Course with Bob and Kerry. All of our teams were racing against each other in order to get the quickest time on the Beat the Clock board.

After all the teams had their chance at the games and had time to have a few more drinks in between, it was time for some more activities! Another bonus was the water guns came out and almost everyone ended up drenched just in time for our next two games, firstly the school fair classic Bat the Rat and then the thriller that is Bridge Build. After adding a few minutes to the clocks it was finally time for the finale, the one everyone had been waiting for, the Giant Assault Course! With the water guns at the ready, Pat included, the teams took their turns to run the course in the quickest time they could to secure first place. When we reunited for the giving of the trophy and spoon, there was tension in the air. Taking away the wooden spoon (more useful some would argue!) with a time of 47 minutes and 26 seconds were Kim's cool chicks! Coming in next position with a nine minute lead were the Bunch of Bananas with a great time of 38 minutes and 28 seconds. Taking up second place with a respectable time of 32 minutes and 46 seconds were the Horny Stags meaning that in first place and taking away the Team Challenge Company Trophy were of course the She Males with a fantastic time of 30 minutes and 57 seconds.

Later in the evening after the team had enjoyed a fantastic dinner it was time for the evenings entertainment. Starting off with a few of the 80s and 90s finest songs with a few teeny hits added in we soon had everyone up dancing with the Macarena! Of course the disco wasn't the only event happening. There was also the option to get up and sing a few tunes although for many it meant having a few drinks to pluck up the courage! Overall, the entire day was fantastic and luckily the weather had stayed fairly pleasant! A huge thank you goes to Pat for organising the day so well, it was a pleasure to work with you all! We look forward to working with you all next year

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stephen hazley

The sight of Dougie in Lederhosen has left me scarred for life ! Great day with Pat and her team once again with Beat The Clock- arent you guys and girls competitive - and at the finale...once again WET ! Awesome costumes once again this year for the disco and karaoke - just look at those amazing photos ! Wow ! Great day with Aker on Royal Deeside at the excellent Loch Kinord Hotel - and many thanks to Andrew for feeding us all so well and keeping us all sane ! See you all again soon Stephen



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