Team Building Scotland - Country Pursuits at Glenfiddich Distillery

Posted: Mar 19 2014

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The remote and very beautiful Glenfiddich Distillery was the scene for our latest Team Building Scotland Event in the form of Country Pursuits. The two teams made up of marketing companies from around the world had the chance to battle it out on Blind 4x4 Driving and Archery. The prize on offer was of course the wonderful Team Challenge Company Trophy. The blustery but beautiful Highland conditions ensured the contest would be challenging but fair.

Team Dram were first up on the Archery with Team Hangover Games tackling the Blind 4x4. Team Dram laid down their early intention for glory with posting some accurate arrows on the archery... with only a few ending up on the hillside. Practice did indeed make perfect however as their shots were increasing in speed and ever more finding the illusive bulls eye target! The Drams racked up 630 points in total in a blistering first game! The hangover games assured us they were fit to behind the wheel of a 4x4 despite the team name! They attempted to steer their way to victory around the tricky obstacle course and did themselves proud, some insisting they had a sixth sense for the driving! At changeover time Brett was entrusted as the Drams' spy by constantly keeping a watchful eye on the hangover games attempt at archery. Despite some valiant efforts and the occasional accurate arrow, the Hangover games could not overturn a 600 point deficit. Benjamin was the sharpest shooter..... its just a pity none of his arrows hit the board!!

The Drams flew round the Blind 4x4 course in a record time and with the grace of a highland pheasant!! They scooped the acclaim for the day and went home with the Team Challenge Comapny Winners trophy as a memento for the day. The Hangover Games ensured they would be making humble pie with their wooden spoon come the end of the day!! A fantastic day in a beautiful location made this a day to remember. Thank you to Lisa and Beth from Glenfiddich Distillery and also Anna from Porter Novelli who made this such an enjoyable and successful event.

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Beth Ross

It was lovely to work with you Lisa and Beth, ensuring all the logistics for the event was in place. I hope your clients had a great morning with Team Challenge company and enjoyed the distillery tour.



Thank you to Lisa, Beth and Anna for ensuring the day was a a success! I had a fantastic day on the Archery, meeting some memorable characters along the way. I hope the Drams return to defend their trophy next year!



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